On May 1, I posted the differences between the regular KNK Studio and KNK Studio GE. Now the question has arisen about the differences between regular KNK Studio and KNK Studio Element. It’s my understanding that the Element version only installs the drivers for the KNK cutters and it’s the version that ships with an Element and the 13″ KNK. Now that all the new KNK’s are direct USB, it doesn’t matter if you pick Element or Klic-N-Kut as the driver in this or the other edition… they both will work the same. The Element edition, however, does NOT contain the drivers for the Craft Robo/Wishblade/Silhouette nor for the AC40/KNK Pro/Pazzles Pro.

Now that I’ve THOROUGHLY confused you, if you have KNK Studio Element and you really need to cut to your 8″ Graphtec cutter or to an AC40/Pazzles Pro from it, then there’s a way to do that, too. If you’re one of my customers, just email me and I’ll help you with that. If you purchased your KNK from another dealer, then let them know you want to be able to cut to your 8″ Graphtec cutter and they should be able to assist you. 🙂