Sure Cuts A Lot 5

Sure Cuts A Lot 5 is a feature-rich vector software program which works with dozens of different cutter brands and models. Scrappy Dew offers excellent pricing on SCAL5 and SCAL5 Pro. An optional classroom purchase will provide over 150 videos covering everything from using the basic functions to manipulate images to the amazing design features to customize text and shapes for cutting. These videos can be watched in any order and as many times as you like.

Which SCAL5 version do you need? Additional Features in SCAL5 Pro

Products available:

  • SCAL5 Regular- only $47!
  • SCAL5 Pro – only $179!
  • Already own a version of SCAL? Check out the upgrade pricing options here!
  • SCAL5 Classroom of 150+ videos (covers SCAL5 Pro features, as well)- only $49!
  • OR… purchase SCAL5 Regular PLUS the 150+ Video Classroom:

  • SCAL5 Regular PLUS video classroom – only $89!