Force FAQ’s

KNK Force Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the overall dimensions and weight of the Force?
A. The KNK Force is 28.5” wide, 7.25” high and 9.0” deep. With the front table unfolded, the depth is 14.75”. The Force weighs 19.4 lbs.

Q. Is the Force made of plastic or metal?
A. The Force’s components are almost entirely made of metal. With the exception of the front fold-down table, it has very few plastic parts.

Q. How does the Force compare to other cutters?
A. There are comparison charts available here: KNK Comparisons. The most significant difference between the Force and other digital die cutting machines (not just other KNK models) is the Z axis control. Instead of the head “dropping” to begin cutting, it will move downward at a controlled speed. This change was necessary for adding rotary tool capability. Z Axis control has also added a great deal of power, as well as functionality to the cutter.

Q. Can the Force score and cut at the same time?
A. Yes. Because the Force has two heads, a blade holder can be loaded on one side and a scoring tool on the other. The cutting file should be designed to have shapes on separate layers and then one can assign which tool and settings to use on each layer.

Q. Can the Force perform print and cut operations?
A. Yes. There is a built-in camera that is used for print and cut functionality. It projects an enlarged image into the software. Currently the camera registration process is manual but it is much easier and far more accurate than using a manual laser alignment device. The programming for automatic registration is still being developed.

Q. What is the maximum cutting width and length of materials in the Force?
A. The maximum possible cutting width is between 15 and 16”. There is no theoretical maximum cutting length. The mat that ships with the Force is 15” x 15” but you can purchase longer mats. You don’t need to use a mat when cutting longer materials that have a backing sheet, such as vinyl.

Q. What is the maximum width of material that can be loaded?
A. The materials need to be ~19.5” or narrower to fit into the opening in the Force.

Q. What is the minimum width of material that can be loaded?
A. If a cutting mat is not being used, the material needs to be at least 4” wide to be gripped by two of the pinch wheels. For materials narrower than 4” or for materials without a backing sheet, then the mat should be used.

Q. Can the Force handle roll feed?
A. Yes. The Force can cut rolled materials without a cutting mat, provided the materials have a backing that won’t be pentrated by the blade.

Q. What is the maximum thickness that can be fed with and without a mat, under the rollers?
A. The maximum thickness of materials fed is 1/4”. However, you cannot cut materials that thick with the blade. Whether or not a material can cut is also based on the density of the material. For example, one can cut 0.1” craft foam but not 0.1” hard acrylic. With the optional rotary tool, however, much thicker and denser materials, such as wood and acrylic, can be cut and engraved.

Q. What computer operating systems are supported?
A. Mac and Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. You can also use smart devices such as iPhones, Android phones, tablets, etc.

Q. What is the length of the included power cord?
A. 10 feet

Q. What voltage does the KNK Force operate at?
A. The KNK Force comes with a power adapter that auto switches between 110v – 240v.

Q. What is the length of the included Ethernet cable?
A. 6.5 feet (198 cm)

Q. What is the size of the mat that is included?
A. The mat that ships with the Force is 16” x 18” with a printed grid of 15” x 15” (38 cm x 38 cm).

Q. What is the resolution of the cutter and how delicate can it cut on, say, vinyl?
A. The resolution is 1016 x 1016 or 0.025 mm per step.

Q. Is the KNK Force wireless-capable?
A. Yes, it is. The Force can connect via Wi-Fi on your home or office network or you can connect stand-alone without using the network.

Q. What software programs work with the Force?
A. The Force’s internal computer runs a cutting program called C3 (Cutter Command Center). When you connect via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or standalone, this program automatically loads into your default Internet browser and you type in the IP address assigned during setup. You can then open SVG files for cutting. You can also design in and cut from Sure Cuts a Lot (sold separately).

Q. How much does shipping cost for the Force?
A. The shipping cost varies depending on where you are located. Currently, in the USA, shipping is free. Elsewhere, try putting the Force into the shopping cart and then, before entering payment information, a shipping quote can be calculated. If your shipping address does not generate a quote, then either call 800-268-3672 or use this link:

Q. In what states will sales tax be charged?
A. Sales tax is charged if the Force is shipped to a Florida address. Also, sales tax will be charged if your Force dealer lives in the same state that you do.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. 1 year parts and labor

Q. What comes in the box?
A. Force cutting machine, 1 cutting mat, 1 Force blade holder, 1 regular materials blade, 1 thick materials blade, 1 test pen, power cord, Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi adaptor.

Q. Is there a manual?
A. The Force User Manual is available on-line. Because of on-going updates and the high cost of printing, there are no longer printed versions shipped. Instead, the on-line manual is interactive, with links to videos and the ability to download, print pages you need, and search on any word.


Q. What are the available Force accessories?
A. Currently, you can also purchase an embosser, engraver, piercer, rotary tool and blade holders in other colors.

Q. Is there a stand available for the Force?
A. No, not at the current time.

Q. Is there a roll feed attachment/mount etc. available?
A. No, not at the current time.

Q. Are tables/extensions available for the Force?
A. The Force has a front fold-down table as part of the cutter. This table has storage for things like blade holders, accessories, pens, rulers, etc.

Q. What other mats are available?
A. The Force can use the same mats as the Maxx Air and the Zing Air. Plus you can have custom mats cut, as well. These mats do not have printed lines or adhesive.

Q. What types of blades work with the Force?
A. The Force blade holder uses the blades sold for the Force. These include a thin material blade, thick material blade, and a fabric blade.

Q. Can other brands of blade holders be used in the Force?
A. No. Because the Force has Z Axis control, a special blade holder is needed which reduces the amount of downward force exerted by the blade. A large spring inside the Force blade holder allows the blade to float during cutting, yielding clean, high quality cuts.

Q. What kinds/diameters/lengths of pens/tools fit the pen inserts?
A. The blade holder seat will fit most pens from ~0.2” to 0.825” in diameter.

Q. How much are replacement mats and blades?
A. The standard replacement mat costs $15.99. Replacement blades are $8.99 each.

Q. Is it necessary to purchase a fabric blade to cut fabric?
A. If the material has been stabilized first and intricate cuts are not required, then the fabric blade is not necessary. But the quality of the cutting is greatly enhanced by using the fabric blade (e.g. the points on a 5 point star will be sharper with less fraying). Also, with the fabric blade, many fabrics can be pressed to an extra sticky mat and cut without having a stabilizer applied.


Q. Are there any demo videos of the KNK Force?
A. Yes! Here’s a link to a list of current videos which show the KNK Force in a variety of applicaitions: Force Demo Videos

Q. What about vibration (does it need to be on a sturdy table or will a card table suffice)?
A. The KNK Force can be used on fold-out tables. Just make sure the table or stand is stable and will not tip over easily.

Q. How accurate is WYSIWYG cutting without registration marks and can it be calibrated?
A. Theoretically, if the printout is aligned perfectly straight on the mat and the mat is straight in the machine, then very accurate cutting could be obtained using WYSIWYG cutting. However, the accuracy of the printer used to print the image to be cut is the limiting factor in the WYSIWYG method. That’s why using 3 point print and cut registration is recommended, as it will take into account the inaccuracy of the owner’s printer and yield precise results.

Q. Can you cut from scraps of vinyl or colored papers loaded on the mat?
A. Yes. The user manual explains how to control where shapes will cut and the scraps can be located anywhere on the cutting mat, allowing several different scraps to be cut at one time.

Q. Is there a minimum size suggested for paper on the mat?
A. Not really. As long as the mat is sticky enough to hold the paper in place, you could cut a 1/8” shape from a ¼”scrap, if needed.

Q. Where do I go for help with my KNK Force if I need it?
A. Your KNK dealer is your first line of support. All dealers have signed contracts agreeing to provide basic hardware and software support. If needed, you can also contact KNK USA, using the Support Ticket link at the web site. KNK USA also has a user forum, Facebook group, and other support forums, as listed in the Force User Manual.