StarCraft SOLO and CREATE Information

For SOLO and CREATE support:

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(1) Features of the StarCraft SOLO:

The new StarCraft SOLO offers the very best in speed, accuracy, and extensive functionality. Some of the outstanding features include:

  • Faster, smoother, quieter cutting
  • A built-in camera for rapid automatic photo recognition of small registration marks and significantly more available printing space for your designs
  • Steel axes for more accurate control during both regular cutting and print-and-cut applications
  • Optional connectivity including true USB (no special drivers to install), Wi-Fi connectivity to your home/office router, direct wireless to your computer, or loading of PLT files from a USB flash drive
  • Precise origin setting using the built-in camera
  • Includes StarCraft CREATE software, a feature-rich vector designing and editing program (see details below)
  • Compatibility with eight other software programs which include several professional sign-making applications and plugins for both Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator
  • An easy-to-navigate control panel with dozens of functions including automatic camera calibration, end-of-cut actions, color lighting options, power-on head movement, scale factor, PLT file load, array setup, force/speed settings with 10 customizable presets, test/pause/repeat options, Wi-Fi setup, 12 languages, unit options, up/down arrow reversal, display head location, and multi-pass cutting.

  • (2) SOLO Specifications:

    Specs Sheet

    (3) Features of the StarCraft CREATE software:

  • The StarCraft CREATE program allows you to import a wide range of file types, utilize TTF/OTF/OPF fonts, as well as design and edit anything you need.
  • Further, what you design from scratch belongs to YOU, exclusively.
  • Click here for a full list of CREATE functions.
  • Note that CREATE works with dozens of different brands and models of cutters with the exception of those whose parent companies legally forbid 3rd party software from directly communicating (such as Cricut and Scan N Cut). However, because CREATE can export in SVG and other file formats, it can still be used to create cutting files for these restricted brands of cutters.

  • (4) Where are the SOLO and CREATE sold?

  • Remember: A new StarCraft SOLO includes a registration for CREATE!
  • If, however, you are purchasing a used SOLO or if you are interested in using CREATE with a different brand of cutter, it can be purchased separately for only $79.
  • SOLO and CREATE dealers can be found here