Maxx Air FAQ’s

KNK Maxx Air Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This model has been discontinued.


Q. What are the overall dimensions and weight of the Maxx Air Air?
A. We sell a 15” Maxx Air model which is 25” wide and a 24” Maxx Air model which is 34” wide. Both models are 10” high and 9.5” deep. With the flatbed tables attached, the depth is 23.5” but these tables do not require table support. The 15” Maxx Air Air weighs 21 lbs and the 24” Maxx Air Air weighs 25 lbs.

Q. Is the Maxx Air made of plastic or metal?
A. The Maxx Air components are almost entirely made of metal. It has very few plastic parts.

Q. How does the Maxx Air compare to other KNK models?
A. There are comparison charts available here: KNK Comparisons

Q. What is the maximum cutting width and length of materials in the Maxx Air?
A. The maximum possible cutting width is 15” on the 15” Maxx Air and 24” on the 24” Maxx Air. There is no theoretical maximum cutting length. The mat that ships with the Maxx Air is 22” in length and you can purchase a larger Maxx Air mat that is 28” in length. But you can also cut longer materials that have a backing sheet, such as vinyl.

Q. What is the maximum width of material that can be loaded?
A. The materials need to be ~19” or narrower on the 15” model and 28” or narrower on the 24” model.

Q. What is the minimum width of material that can be loaded?
A. If a cutting mat is not being used, the material needs to be at least 4” wide to be gripped by two of the pinch wheels. For materials narrower than 4” or for materials without a backing sheet, then the mat should be used.

Q. Can the Maxx Air handle roll feed?
A. Yes. The Maxx Air can cut rolled materials.

Q. What is the maximum thickness that can be fed with and without a mat, under the rollers?
A. The thickness is actually based on the blade length which is ~3 mm or 0.1”. Whether or not a material can cut is also based on the density of the material. For example, one can cut 0.1” craft foam but not 0.1” hard acrylic.

Q. What computer operating systems are supported?
A. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Q. What is the length of the included power cord?
A. 8 feet

Q. What kind of power cable is provided?
A. It is a 3 pronged universal power cable. For those living outside North America, the typical adaptor used for other similar US-based products would need to be purchased.

Q. What is the length of the included USB cable?
A. 5.5 feet

Q. What is the size of the mat that is included?
A. The mat that ships with the Maxx Air is 14” x 24” with a printed grid of 13” x 22”.

Q. What is the resolution of the cutter and how delicate can it cut on, say, vinyl?
A. The resolution is 1016 x 1016 or 0.025 mm per step.

Q. Is the Maxx Air wireless-capable?
A. Yes, it is! The Maxx Air is equipped with Bluetooth functionality and comes with a USB-Bluetooth adaptor in case the owner’s computer doesn’t already have Bluetooth. The Bluetooth adaptor will even work with Windows XP computers. Mac computers, however, will need to use the included USB cable.

Q. What software programs work with the Maxx Air?
A. The Maxx Air cuts from KNK Studio and Make The Cut (MTC). Customers purchasing a Maxx Air will automatically receive an activation pin for Make The Cut. You can also import other file formats into both MTC and KNK Studio for cutting.

Q. How much does shipping cost for the Maxx Air?
A. The shipping cost varies depending on where the customer is located. For a quote, please contact or call: 800-268-3672.

Q. In what states will sales tax be charged?
A. Sales tax is charged if the Maxx Air is shipped to a Florida address. Also, sales tax will be charged if your Maxx Air dealer lives in the same state that you do.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. 1 year parts and labor

Q. What comes in the box?
A. Maxx Air cutting machine, two bolt-on tables, Make The Cut Activation Pin, 1 cutting mat, 1 Maxx Air blade holder, 1 regular materials blade, 1 thick materials blade, 1 test pen, 2 test pen inserts, power cord, USB cable, serial cable, Bluetooth adaptor, and a $300 bonus package of extras including blades, materials, and crafting supplies.

Q. Is there a manual?
A. Maxx Air User Manuals are available on-line. Because of on-going updates and the high cost of printing, there are no longer printed versions shipped. Instead, the on-line manual is interactive, with links to videos and the ability to download, print pages you need, and search on any word.


Q. What are the available Maxx Air accessories?
A. To view currently available accessories, click on these links : Maxx Air Accessories and Maxx Air Blades

Q. Is there a stand available for the Maxx Air?
A. Yes. Please go to the Maxx Air Accessories section.

Q. Is there a roll feed attachment/mount etc. available?
A. A roll feed attachment is part of the stand mentioned in the prior question.

Q. Are tables/extensions available for the Maxx Air?
A. A set of bolt-on flat bed tables are included with every Maxx Air.

Q. What other mats are available?
A. A larger 24” x 28” mat is available, plus you can have custom mats, up to 28” x 28”, cut. These mats do not have printed lines, but you can use a Sharpie and a ruler to add any that you need.

Q. What types of blades work with the Maxx Air?
A. We recommend using the Maxx Air (KNK Zing) blades we sell, as they are made from tungsten carbide and will last longer than other blades that might fit the Maxx Air blade holder.

Q. What kinds/diameters/lengths of pens/tools fit the pen inserts?
A. The blade holder seat will fit most pens from ~1/4” to 13/16” in diameter.

Q. How much are replacement mats and blades?
A. The standard replacement mat costs $12.99. Replacement blades are $8.99 each.

Q. Is it necessary to purchase a fabric blade to cut fabric?
A. If the material has been stabilized first and intricate cuts are not required, then the fabric blade is not necessary. But the quality of the cutting is greatly enhanced by using the fabric blade (e.g. the points on a 5 point star will be sharper with less fraying). Also, with the fabric blade, many fabrics can be pressed to an extra sticky mat and cut without having a stabilizer applied.


Q. Are there any demo videos of the Maxx Air?
A. Yes! Here’s a link to a list of current videos which demo the Maxx Air and the original Maxx: Maxx Demo Videos

Q. What about vibration (does it need to be on a sturdy table or will a card table suffice)?
A. The Maxx Air can be used on fold-out tables. Just make sure the table or stand is stable and will not tip over easily.

Q. How accurate is WYSIWYG cutting without registration marks and can it be calibrated?
A. Theoretically, if the printout is aligned perfectly straight on the mat and the mat is straight in the machine, then very accurate cutting could be obtained using WYSIWYG cutting. However, the accuracy of the printer used to print the image to be cut is the limiting factor in the WYSIWYG method. That’s why using 3 point print and cut registration is recommended, as it will take into account the inaccuracy of the owner’s printer and yield precise results.

Q. How do you cut from scraps of vinyl or colored papers loaded on the mat?
A. Yes! There are two methods available. You can reset the origin to the corner of each scrap after the cut or you can arrange the scraps on the mat to match up with the locations of the shapes on the screen in the software.

Q. Is there a minimum size suggested for paper on the mat?
A. Not really. As long as the mat is sticky enough to hold the paper in place, you could cut a 1/8” shape from a ¼”scrap, if needed.

Q. Where do I go for help with my Maxx Air, if I need it?
A. Your Maxx Air dealer is your first line of support. All dealers have signed contracts agreeing to provide basic hardware and software support. If needed, you can also contact KNK USA, using the Contact tab at the web site. We also have a user forum and other support forums, as listed on the first page of the Maxx Air User Manual.