Scrappy Dew is offering an excellent deal on Sure Cuts A Lot 5 Training which can be purchased with or without the software: Special Offer!

If you’ve not yet bought Sure Cuts A Lot, this is a great opportunity to get the program, along with access to over 135 videos/over 8 hours of training, covering the major functions and features.

If you’re not familiar with SCAL5, here are a few of the most common questions I get from KNK owners, along with my responses:

  • Does SCAL5 work with my KNK?

You bet it does!

  • Are there both Mac and PC versions of SCAL5?

Yes! And they are true versions, not emulated versions.

  • Does Mac have a metric unit option?

Yes! You can select inches, mm, or cm for the units of measurement throughout and the virtual onscreen mat will also be updated.

  • Does SCAL5 work with Windows 10? What about Mac’s latest Mohave?

Yes and yes!

  • Have you written a user manual for SCAL5?

Yes, I have. Here’s the link: SCAL5 Support Page

Have your own questions about this amazing program? Post them here or you can email me at Hope to hear from you! Again, Scrappy Dew’s promotion can be found here: Special Offer!