Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) Support

(1) User Manuals, Tutorials, and Software:


SCAL5 User Manual – January 21, 2019: SCAL5 User Manual

SCAL5 – What’s New!!! How Does SCAL5 Differ from SCAL4?

SCAL5 Pro vs SCAL5 – Additional Features in SCAL5 Pro

Table – MTC vs SCAL Terminology

SCAL5 – What’s New!!! (Spanish) SCAL5- Nuevas Funciones y Cambios

SCAL5 Pro vs SCAL5 (Spanish) – Funciones o Características del programa SCAL5 Pro


SCAL4 User Manual – June 29, 2018: SCAL4 User Manual

SCAL4 Software Download – SCAL Download Page

SCAL4 Pro vs SCAL4 – Additional Features in SCAL4 Pro

Tutorial – Understanding Cut Line Type

Tutorial – Cut Line Type Table

(2) Video Support:

Free SCAL Webinar by Scrappy Dew
Scrappy Dew Training Program
How to Set Up Your Scrappy Dew Account
Knife Tool vs Split Path
Manual Tracing
Designing a Rhinestone Spray
Filling a Shape with a Photo
Putting Text onto a Circle
Setting Exact Spacing Between Different Shapes

(3) Upgrade and Tech Support Issues

Purchasing SCAL4 or SCAL4 Upgrade
Purchasing SCAL4 Pro Upgrade
Retrieve SCAL Serial Code
Submit a support ticket

(4) User Forums and Groups: