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About Sandy McCauley
Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, cardstock, plastic, fabric, HTV, foil, wood veneer, magnetic sheets, reflective film, balsa, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, videos, drivers, test settings, and other information related to the StarCraft SOLO, Skycut and Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters, as well as various cutter software programs.

If you are just now learning about cutters, check out the Skycut demo videos. These are amazing cutters!

If you are a current SOLO, Skycut, or KNK owner and need some help, check out the Support section of this site.

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I have known Sandy since the first KNK came onto the market. She has alway been their to help me and has been an invaluable source of support. I have all her software teaching video's. A must have for any newbie. Sandy doesn't assume just because she knows it, everybody else does. Everything is explained so that you can clearly understand what is going on. Thank you Sandy for all the hard work you put into helping us all continually learn.


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If you are looking into buying a digital die cutting machine, please send me an email:

I will answer all of your questions or direct you to someone who can.
I can also test cut materials you plan to use to make sure you will be successful with the cutter you choose.


  1. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Katia,

    The 2 software programs that cut to a Zing are both computer-based programs thus need a Windows or Mac in order to work. The newer Macs do not work with 32 bit programs, which is what Make the Cut is. The other program, Sure Cuts A Lot works with both a Windows PC and the newer Macs.

  2. Katia

    Hi Sandy,
    I haven’t used my Zing machine for years. Now, I need to reinstall the software but I just have chrome laptop (no MS or Mac). Is there a way to install it?
    wish I could use the machine again, albeit is more than 10yrs old!

  3. Sandy McCauley

    You can test out SCAL5 for 15 days BUT it will make a watermark cut through your design.

    The free download is here:

    The Zing with SCAL UM is here:

    Instructions for installing the needed driver on your laptop is as follows:

    (1) Unplug the USB cable if you have it plugged into your computer.
    (2) Go to this link, scroll down to the table

    and on the far right side you’ll see “setup executable”… click on that link, download, extract, and run it.

    (3) After running that file, reboot Windows and wait for Windows to fully come back up.
    (4) Then connect the USB cable to your computer, turn on the cutter and wait like 15 seconds or so.
    (5) Right clicking on the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.
    (6) Then look for a folder called Ports… open it and it should say something like USB-Serial Com (X) where X is the chosen com port and you SHOULD be good to go. Try again from SCAL since it auto-detects.

    Feel free to email me directly if you have more questions: I’m also on FB at:

  4. rebecca gehret

    was just wondering since im totally new to this type cutter machine is there by chance any software that is free to use or at least a free trial on using it that will either work with a HP chromebook laptop or a android device of any kind cause im sure nit have luck finding anything is scal and mtc the only two software that will run on the knk zing z1450

  5. Sandy McCauley

    I a so sorry I missed this message. I’ll be sending you an email. For sure you can still use your Maxx! There are many Maxx owners still cutting daily with old computers, new computers, Windows 10, Mac Catalina and more!

  6. Linda D Neal

    I bought a KNK Maxx in 2011 and have scarcely used it. I have not had a compatible computer (laptop, then apple) and would like to get rid of it. Can you make any recommendation? I do have an HP computer now, but don’t know about hooking it up. I’m guessing it is too old to hook up wirelessly, am I right?

  7. Carol Brakenridge

    Hi Sandy I live in Australia and have a 15inch KNK Maxx for sale. Due to illness I won’t be needing it anymore. It has had very little use and is in as new condition. I noticed a lady from Australia was looking at one on your site, I don’t know if this is possible or that you are able to do this. Could you send her my email address and she may be interested in buying mine? I have $400 on it with extras. My email address is and I live in Newcastle NSW. Thank you for any help you are able to give. Carol Brakenridge in OZ

  8. Sandy McCauley

    No, KNK USA doesn’t have an Indonesian distributor. Customers normally order from the Australian distributor:

  9. MaLewa

    Is there any indonesia distributor of knk’s

  10. Sandy McCauley

    There are three “c’s” in that email address instead of two! Did you pick up that link here? Do you remember which page? I just checked and I cannot figure out where I had it listed incorrectly. Anyhow, I’ve sent you a private email. If you do not get it, then use this one to email me:

  11. JAckie

    Hello, i wrote you to the email at, but the system rejected the mail, any other mail where i can ask you a question before buying a KNK?

  12. Sandy McCauley

    My web site store has been down but it should be fine now. I assume you probably didn’t wait, however! Sorry about that.

  13. Dawn LaGrave

    Hi, Sandy – I am trying to purchase MTC from your site, but every time I click on Check Out with PayPal, I am redirected to a page that says it can’t find what I am looking for. Am I missing something?

  14. Les Chiffres

    I pay a visit everyday a few blogs andd websites to
    read posts, except this blog provides quality based posts.

  15. Sandy McCauley

    For simple designs, Make The Cut will work fine. If you’re wanting to do really large designs with complex fills, then you’ll want to look into other software options. Note that none of them will cut directly to the Scan N Cut. But you should be able to export in a format that will import in the new online software by Brother. What are your particular plans? Hobby or commercial?

  16. Diane Cullen

    Hi i am interested in making my own templets for rhinestones. just wondering if your software Make the cut is ok to use i have the new Scan N Cut from brother. also i am in australia. cheers Di

  17. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Robyn,

    Sorry for the delay! Because of the extremely high cost of shipping a Zing to Australia from Florida, you do not want to order through me, but I appreciate your consideration! Please check out Skat Katz, which is our Australian distributor of the KNK’s. Fred and Lucy provide great support plus you are more than welcome to contact me any time you cannot reach them. Here is their web site:

    There never was a 13″ KNK Maxx… maybe it’s the 13″ KNK Groove-e or a 15″ KNK Maxx. The KNK Zing didn’t come out until 2011. Here’s a table which shows the KNK’s from the past, along with their specs:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! Be sure to check out the various KNK support groups and forums we have. It’s fun getting to know other owners and we have a lot of them in Australia!

  18. Robyn Amor

    Hi there,

    I have just been spending some time on your wonderful site, the support you give is fantastic!

    I am hoping you can help me . . I would love to purchase through you, but I am located in Australia, do you ship here and how much would that be? Would the warranty still be valid??

    I am also looking at buying a second hand machine here is Australia but according to the seller it is a 2009 KNK MAXX 13″ CUTTER, she says that is what the box says but I can’t seem to find any information on it . . . would it be a ZING??

    Thank you for all your assistance,

  19. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Brenda,

    At the top of, click on any of the tabs at the top: Blades, Accessories, Materials and you should be able to find subcategories for the other things we sell.

    So happy to hear you’ve watched the videos! And it’s a great idea to bring your Zing if you feel you can manage it on the plane. Chad has taken his several times and they do fit just fine in the overhead compartment. Be sure to put your blades and blade holder in the checked luggage! : )


  20. Brenda Bonkowski

    Hi Sandy,
    I think I’m blind. I was going to make a list of things I wanted to buy and have them available in AZ. All I saw was indoor printable vinyl and chipboard. Where can I find other KNK supplies?
    I watched the 12 videos and read Ch. 1,2 and 9. I think I’m going to watch some more Zing videos. My sarcoid and fibro are acting up today, so hopefully I’ll get the Zing set up tomorrow. BTW, I’ve decided to bring my Zing..I think I need my own machine ; ) I even have the bag.

  21. Sandy McCauley

    You will want to contact Fred at Skat Katz. He is our Australian distributor for all KNK’s. His web site is:

  22. cheryl dell of Two Scrappin Chicks

    I am a very small country scrapbook shop and was wondering who is the australian wholesale seller of the knk zing so I can purchase one for my classroom.

  23. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Samuel,

    Sorry, we do not sell printed versions of the UM. I recommend only printing what you need at any given time. I tend to update the UM’s as new versions of the software are released.

  24. Sam

    Hi Sandy,
    I recently received a KNK Element 13”, but have no user manual. Do you sell these in a printed copy? If so, I’d like to buy one ASAP. I realize I can print it off, but it has a lot of color pages and will spend more in buying new ink. You can call or text me any info you may have at (608) 397-4485.

    (608) 397-4485

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