KNK Force Support Page


(1) User Manuals:

There are three KNK Force User Manuals: one is based on C3, another is based on SCAL4, and the third is based on SCAL5. All three are available in PDF format. Note that you may need to refresh your browser screen to see the latest version of these manuals:

KNK Force with C3 User Manual
Updated: May 11, 2018

KNK Force with C3 User Manual

Latest C3 Update

KNK Force with Sure Cuts A Lot5 User Manual
Updated: January 19, 2020

KNK Force with SCAL5 User Manual

KNK Force with Sure Cuts A Lot4 User Manual
Updated: February 1, 2018

KNK Force with SCAL4 User Manual

29 de enero de 2018

KNK Force Manual del Usuario

29 de enero de 2018 Capítulos 1-9, 11

KNK Force con SCAL en español

(2) Latest Suggested Test Cut Settings:

Updated: December 12, 2017:

KNK Force Rotary Tool Calculator

KNK Force Calculadora Herramienta Rotatoriar

KNK Force Settings for Blade Cutting

KNK Force Settings for Accessories

KNK Force Settings for the Rotary Tool

(3) Video Support:

KNK Force Videos
Advanced IP Scanner
Wi-Fi Scanner

(4) Tech Support & Other Tutorials:

How the KNK Force is Different from Other Cutters

Hardware Instructions
Upgrading the Raspberry Pi in the KNK Force
Flashing the SD Card (C3 Installation Guide) – Updated July 2022
Force Gantry Realignment
How to Repair a Loose Cutting Head

Software Instructions
Solving Borderless Print Issues
Cutting to the KNK Force from Sure Cuts A Lot
Performing Dual Head Operation in Sure Cuts A Lot
Performing PNC Calibration in Sure Cuts A Lot
Controlling Where Shapes Will Cut in Sure Cuts a Lot


Embossing Aluminum on the KNK Force

Cutting a Vinyl Record on the KNK Force

Cutting Photo Mat Board on the KNK Force

Carving a Rubber Stamp

(5) Getting Help:

If you have a problem with your KNK Force, please start a support ticket here: or call KNK USA at 800-268-3672. If you do not have a response within 24 hours, post back here with your Ticket Number and I will contact KNK USA directly myself.

(6) User Forums and Groups:

The following groups are available for posting questions about your KNK Force and sharing experiences:

KNK Force Facebook Group

KNK Force Yahoo Group


Klic-N-Kut Yahoo Group

(7) Other Useful Links:

KNK Force Accessories