Force Videos

Demo Videos:

Original KNK Force Kickstarter video

Original KNK Force Kickstarter video – en Español

KNK Force Cutting Mat Board

KNK Force Score and Cut

KNK Force Embossing Aluminum

KNK Force Cutting Cardstock

KNK Force Print and Cut

KNK Force Rotary Tool Cutting a Vinyl Record

KNK Force Rotary Tool Carving Speedball Rubber Stamp Material

KNK Force – Sugar Skull Drawing

Support Videos: English

Unpacking the KNK Force

Inserting Blades and Setting the Blade Tension

Attaching the Pinch Wheel Assemblies

Setting Up Wi-Fi Connection on a Mac

Switching from LAN to Stand Alone Mode

Reconfigure Network Settings

Print and Cut – C3 Screenflow

Setting up a PNC in SCAL for Cutting from C3

Calibrating for Print and Cut

Calibrating Two Tools for Dual Head Use

How to Resticky the Cutting Mat Using Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over

How to Lessen the Stickiness of a Cutting Mat

Pinch Wheel and Mat Placement

Setting the Z Origin

Making a Sign with the Force Rotary Tool

Using SCAL’s Scan2Cut to Accurately Cut Out Preprinted Images

Support Videos: en Español

KNK Force Instalacion en español

Atachando Palanca al Conjunto de Ruedas de Presión

Insertando Cuchilla al PortaCuchilla

Adjuntando Piezas a la Herramienta Rotatoria

La instalación de la Herramienta Rotatoria

Herramienta Rotatoria Force

KNK Force – Acutalizando C3

KNK Force – Conexion Wi-fi

Quitar Pegajosidad a nuestro tapete de corte

KNK Force Corte Goma Eva

Diseñar Bebé en Scal4 Para Cortarlo en KNK Force

Calibración KNK Force para Impresión y Corte