Changing Invisible Colors in KNK Studio

Users of KNK Studio will discover that some files they import or open will have white or invisible colors. These can both be very misleading and I always get rid of them as quickly as possible! The only time I might choose to use either is with a Print and Cut file where I wish to hide my cutting lines for the printing portion. But even then one can usually just send the trace lines to the back so that the raster image hides them… but that’s another tip for another day! lol

So, here’s a quickie video that shows how I get rid of invisible lines. Note that I have the Job Palette showing on the right side (View>Show Job Palette) and then I’m simply dragging a new color (with my left mouse button) and dropping it on top of the invisible color on the Job Palette. One thing to note… I don’t let go of the mouse button until I see that little black circle disappear. Watch closely for that.


Now…. go practice until you master that little trick. It comes in handy! 🙂