Anchors Away!!!

I heard from a KNK Studio user today who wanted to know how to get rid of some weird icon in the middle of her selected object. I immediately knew the solution as this has come up before.

Note the first diagram above shows the weird icon which will appear in the middle of your selected object instead of the small square. The reason this appears is due to clicking on the anchor nub up on the Smart Bar (see the second diagram). Normally, you will have one of the 9 little squares selected and whichever one you pick then provides the x, y location for that same corresponding square in your selected object. Note that as you click on different squares in that little diagram at the top, your x and y values will change.

Now, suppose you want to move your object to some location on the Sign Blank and you actually want some specific spot ON your object to be located at some x,y position. That’s where the anchor nub comes in. You can move your anchor to any location on your object (an example is shown in the third diagram), then type in the x, y values up on the Smart Bar, and your object will be moved so that the anchor is at that location.

Why would we, as paper crafters ever need that? I’m not really sure! lol Maybe one of you will come up with an application! I’m sure, since this software was derived from a CAD program, then this feature has a usefulness in that industry! But for now… just know that if you see that “weird icon” show up, it’s as simple as clicking on a different spot in your little diagram on the Smart Bar to eliminate it. 🙂