Trim and Extend

Today, I was asked about the purpose of Trim and Extend in the Polyarc editing window in KNK Studio. Well, these two functions are VERY cool… when they work! I have found simple cases in which they serve their intended purpose which is to trim (shorten) paths to meet at their intersection OR to extend (lengthen) two paths to intersect.

I created a quick video (sorry, no audio) TrimandExtend a while back to show a customer how these functions work and you can download the same Trim and Extend Samples file I’m using in the video from Trim and Extend Samples. Note in the video that I’m simply left clicking once on each path as shown. In the second part of the video, I found that I needed an extra node on that triangular path for the trim to work. And I needed to convert it to a polyarc, as the polygon editing window doesn’t contain Trim and Extend functionality. Anyhow, while these functions work perfectly in these particular simple samples, you may get some weird results when you try using it in other situations! But you can also resort to other methods to achieve the exact same results! 🙂