Dealing with Fractions in KNK Studio

For those who find fractions a pain in the head, note that in KNK Studio the little window boxes up on the Smart Bar are “calculator integrated”. Thus, if you want to change your 4 x 6 rectangle to 4 1/8″ x 6 1/8″ and you can’t remember the decimal equivalent for 1/8″, not to worry! Just click on the lock to unlock the aspect ratio. Then click on the 6 to turn it blue and then type in 6 + 1/8 and then hit the enter key. Bingo, a value of 6.125 will appear! Then do the same for the 4″: change to 4+1/8, press the enter key and 4.125 will appear. This will work for other mathematical signs such as “x” for multiplying and “-” for subtraction.

One more thing… if you test this out and your results get rounded to, say, 6.13 x 4.13, again, not to worry! Go to Options>Klic-N-Kut Setup>Display Units. You can change the number of decimal points used throughout KNK Studio to 3 (or more, if you like). 🙂