Another Dongle Protector… and a KNK Toolbar Tip…

Thanks to Sharon M who discovered this USB adaptor

Philips Dongle Protector

that would be perfect for those dongle owners who need even more protection from small children or curious pets! This dongle protector has an extension cord, thus you can hide the dongle behind a computer or a desk or just some location completely out of site. 🙂

For those using Klic-N-Kut Studio, you might want to save your toolbar configurations if you’ve performed any customization. We’ve had some reports of toolbar changes vanishing and I’ve experienced some problems with this, as well. To save your current setup, go to View>Toolbars>Save, type in a file name and your settings will be saved. Then, if you ever find your toolbars suddenly defaulted back to the original settings, you can simply go to View>Toolbars>Load and retrieve. This is also a nice feature if someone else in your home or work location use KNK Studio and prefers their own custom setup over yours! As far as I can see you can save as many different configurations as you need.

Also, spend some time looking at the customizing choices! I bet you’ll find some of YOUR most common functions in that list and you’ll enjoy having them right on your screen, rather than buried in a menu tree. 🙂