New Products: DOT and Make-The-Cut

The two new products have been added to my store in the past week!

DOT (aka Dongle Organizing Toolbox) is an adorable little container for protecting a security key (dongle) or a flash drive as well as storing blade holders and blades for a range of cutters!

Read more about DOT here: DOT

Also, I’m very pleased to announce that I’m now selling Make-The-Cut! A plug-in was released last week and MTC now cuts directly to a Klic-N-Kut (all models) and offers the following advantages over KNK Studio only:

  • Direct cutting of SVG files to your KNK
  • Precise, user-friendly print and cuts!
  • Automatic circle outlines/fills for rhinestone designing
  • Instant lattice fills of images
  • Preview of auto-tracing results before application
  • Further, you can now choose between Make the Cut and Klic-N-Kut Studio when ordering a new Groove-E! The Maxx models will continue to automatically be sold with KNK Studio, but for the low cost of MTC ($58.36), you may wish to add it on!

    Note that owners of certain older KNK models may need to purchase serial plus serial/USB converter cables for communication from MTC to their cutters. Email me at and I can help you determine if that will be necessary prior to purchase.

    All Sort of Tidbits

    I’ve had a number of items on my To Do list for a few weeks and today was a great catch up day for making some miscellaneous videos.

    Item Number 1: I’m going to once again BEG all of you to change a particular setting in Windows which hides your files extensions. Trust me… your “computer life” will be improved if you can see those little letter combinations which follow the name of a file. Sometimes, in a folder, you might find 5 files or more ALL with the exact same name! But they are vastly different files and even though you can usually figure out the type of file by looking over at the Type column, it’s MUCH faster to just see that file extension in the file name! In a prior post from almost two years ago, I explained how to do this in XP. But it’s a little bit different finding the setting in Vista or Windows 7, so I’ve made videos for both:

    Showing File Extensions in XP

    Showing File Extensions in Vista or Windows 7

    Item Number 2: For those of you who haven’t back up your ACS/KNK/DM/GE license files, here’s a quick video to show you how to do it. For those with a dongle, it’s a good idea to have them backed up on a flash drive and even on a different computer, although you should be able to pull them from your installation CD. However, on ACS Studio, I believe the license files are now stored on the dongle itself. For those with dongle-less versions of the software, backing them up to another location on your C Drive is important in case you install an updated version of the software, which will wipe out your license files!!! If you don’t have them backed up, then it could be a 1 – 3 day wait (more over the winter holidays) before they can be regenerated if you lose them! So, make sure you copy them into a back-up folder. Again, I have made videos showing this for the different Windows operating systems:

    Backing Up License Files in XP

    Backing Up License Files in Vista or Win 7

    Item Number 3: Now for something more fun! I recently read about a way to freeze raster images so that they cannot be inadvertently selected or moved. This is useful when you are manually tracing an image or editing a vector image that it still on top of the original raster. I made a quick video showing how to do this:

    Freezing a Raster Image

    Item Number 4: This is something I’ve been aware of since writing the first KNK User Manual, but somehow then forgot about it. In many of my videos you’ll see me select all images of a particular color by double-clicking the color on the Job Palette. It works fine… most of the time! But sometimes, for whatever reason, I will double click and it will just not select anything. There’s another short cut key which does the same thing: hold down the Shift key and click on a color on the Job Palette… same result. All images of that color will be selected. This is the new way of selecting by color I plan to always use.

    Item Number 5: Another recent discovery that I think I already knew but had forgotten. Most of you know the usefulness and, in my opinion, the necessity of using a mouse with a middle scroll wheel for zooming in and out in the software. However, you may not have realized that pushing that middle scroll wheel will put you into the Panning mode so that you can pan around on your screen as necessary. Pushing it again will turn panning off. VERY handy!

    Another Dongle Protector… and a KNK Toolbar Tip…

    Thanks to Sharon M who discovered this USB adaptor

    Philips Dongle Protector

    that would be perfect for those dongle owners who need even more protection from small children or curious pets! This dongle protector has an extension cord, thus you can hide the dongle behind a computer or a desk or just some location completely out of site. 🙂

    For those using Klic-N-Kut Studio, you might want to save your toolbar configurations if you’ve performed any customization. We’ve had some reports of toolbar changes vanishing and I’ve experienced some problems with this, as well. To save your current setup, go to View>Toolbars>Save, type in a file name and your settings will be saved. Then, if you ever find your toolbars suddenly defaulted back to the original settings, you can simply go to View>Toolbars>Load and retrieve. This is also a nice feature if someone else in your home or work location use KNK Studio and prefers their own custom setup over yours! As far as I can see you can save as many different configurations as you need.

    Also, spend some time looking at the customizing choices! I bet you’ll find some of YOUR most common functions in that list and you’ll enjoy having them right on your screen, rather than buried in a menu tree. 🙂