DOT, or Dongle Organizing Toolbox, is an adorable and handy cutter companion that protects your dongle or flash drive while organizing your blades and bladeholders. It includes a three foot USB extender which connects to your dongle or flash drive so that your device is safely housed in the lower section of DOT, away from hazards such as falling books, curious kids, and pets who like to chew! In the upper section, DOT can accommodate up to 4 blade holders with rims that extend beyond 9/16 inch, which works with all current desktop cutting bladeholders in the hobby market. For any thinner bladeholders, adaptors are also included. A magnetic strip keeps up to 16 blades inside small holes on either side of your bladeholders. Each and every DOT is made in the USA, and assembled with love! So, protect your dongle and get your accessories in order with a DOT! Dimensions: ~ 4 in x 3.75 in x 3.62 in

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DOT handily stores your bladeholders and blades for easy access!

A 3′ USB extension cable (included) connects to your computer on one end
and to your dongle or flash drive safely stored inside DOT on the other end