To Swap That Axis or Not!

One of the most confusing issues for new users of KNK Studio is what to do about the Axis Swap setting under Cut>Plotting Defaults. And to add to the confusion, that setting works differently in regular KNK Studio versus KNK Studio GE.

For users of regular KNK Studio, you control Portrait vs Landscape cutting by having that parameter checked or unchecked. In my video on “Understanding the Sign Blank”, which was created over 6 months before GE was released, I instruct the user to make sure Axis Swap is checked in order to have a Portrait orientation when cutting. If a Landscape orientation is needed, then UN-check that box.

However, GE was devised to work like RoboMaster and Wishblade Advance. You control the Portrait vs Landscape orientation from within Layout>Blank Size. Simply check whichever one you want. And under Cut>Plotting Defaults, leave Axis Swap UN-checked ALL the time.

Another recommendation involves opening .knk files from other users. Because the owners of KNK cutters have larger cutters, it’s not unusual to open up 12″ x 12″ layouts and some of the settings from that user’s KNK Studio will be sent with this file. To avoid having so much to verify or having to troubleshoot why your file won’t cut as it should, use File>Import versus File>Open when loading these files. You will retain YOUR Sign Blank settings! And, to keep the same image sizes, just left click once when you see the “L” cursor appear, rather than dragging your mouse to create a box. For some projects, it’s often important to keep the exact dimensions that the designer used.