This is a BIGGIE for those of you who design files to share or sell to others. Definitely take note (and pardon the pun, in advance)!

There is a Notes function in Klic-N-Kut Studio which allows one to add text labels and instructions to files that will then be ignored by the cutter. I always appreciate designers adding that information directly into a file so that I don’t have to keep extra .txt or .doc files with my cutting files AND the information is right there on the screen. I ALSO love it when users will include the name of any font they used in their file in case I want to use that same font to further create items for my project.

To use the Notes function, click on the Measure tools icon, on the Tools Toolbar and it’s the last icon on the right. Up on the smart bar you will be able to type the text you wish to add in paragraph form. You can change the font, font size, font style, etc by clicking on the Fonts button. ALSO: Be sure to use a common font like Arial or Times New Roman so that anyone else opening your file won’t need YOUR special font installed. Otherwise, they will receive an error message and be required to pick a substitute font before the file will open.

After typing your notes, just click on Close and your notes will appear as an item you can move around on your screen just like any other text object, except it won’t be a cuttable object. You can even change the color of the text from the Shop Palette and resize it by dragging a selected corner. If you’ve purchased any of my videos or watched the demo, you will see that I’ve used the Notes function at both the beginning and end of each video! 🙂

Be sure to check out some of the other useful features under the Measure Tools… you can also add notes with arrows pointing to a particular location or easily add dimensions to your fold-up template projects. This really adds a very professional look to your work!