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  • 468 thoughts on “Support

    1. The support page for the original Maxx is under Support and then scroll down to Support Page for the Original Maxx, Groove, Groove-e and original KNK’s. You will find recommended settings for various materials at the end of Chapter 2.

    2. I bought a knkmaxx (old machine) I am trying to learn how to use it but only find settings for knk zing. what is the difference between the maxx and the zing. would they use the same cut settings? I am just about ready to give up. I have the 15″

    3. If you cannot locate it, then you can contact KNK USA on Monday and buy the dongle-less version of KNK Studio for $75. Unfortunately, that’s the least expensive option since the dongle is the proof of ownership of the software.

    4. Assuming this is a Maxx model and not a Maxx Air, a fair price would be about $300 – $350.

    5. I have a KNK Maxx I’d like to sell also – Mine is a 15 ” and not sure what my selling price should be?

    6. Hi Ilse, Since you are not in the USA, I cannot provide a good quote for you. Also, it depends on what size of Maxx: 15″ or 24″.

    7. I assume you have been testing the new KNK Force…. i purchased 2 of them with rotary tools… i make personalized jewelry for a living on etsy and i have been using the KNK Zings to engrave my pieces for a long time… these new machines are my dream!! I know Chad has been super busy and he was testing a bunch of things for me but he is kinda hard to get a hold of as of late so i was wondering if you could answer some technical questions if have regard engraving and the rotary tool… i just read your posts on the force and they have been very insightful! if i could email you that would be fantastic because it might get a little bit lengthy lol!! Thanks for you help!

    8. hello,

      Trying to revive my old knk from 2008. load the software fine on parallels on a mac, checked the port is right. Machine will do a test cut fine. Now when I try to cut, it just does nothing. The computer program goes through the motions and doesn’t give any errors. But the knk does nothing.

      Any ideas? Thanks,

    9. Is this KNK Studio that you are trying to reinstall? KNK USA will gladly help with this. Start a support ticket here and include specific details, such as what model of KNK you own, and where you downloaded the software… specific link so that they can make sure they understand exactly what you’re attempting to get registered.

      If this is just a copy of Sign Lab and you do not own a KNK, then you’ll need to get your original dealer involved in helping you. KNK USA can only assist with KNK products.

    10. Hi I am batteling to get my license files loaded into my cadlink software v8. I did not get a dongle or security device with my machine which I bought in 2010. I have tried all the downloads on your site. Cadlink support does not even get back to me. Please see if you can help

    11. I’m semi-retired now and no longer teach. You can write up an ad for your Maxx and try selling it on the MTC forum or the various KNK Yahoo groups.

    12. Hi, £ purchased a kmk maxx a couple years ago and no longer use it. I know you do retreats and wanted to know if you would like to buy it back very inexpensively…’s taking up needed space. Thanks!

    13. Sorry I missed this post, Celeste! I’ll email you to find out more, if it’s still a problem.

    14. Good morning, I have a problem that I do not know how to solve,
      When I type a word, and I click on it to select it, it disappears. It is still there but I can not see anything. I did try to change the fill color, but nothing happens. I can still see the word when I highlight it or if I want to edit it. But I can not weld or do anything else as I can not see the word when selected. Hope you can help me please.

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