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    1. Received reply. Thank you so much for your support. This support website is one of the main reasons I’ve decided to buy knk.


    2. Hi,

      I am hoping you can help me out. I’m from India and would like to purchase the Knk zing air. I had written to accugraphics and received their reply. This was sometime back. I have made the decision on buying now and written to them again in reply to previous mail. But have not received any reply yet.
      My ticket no. Is #6150.
      Follow up on previous request #5408.

      Please help.

      Thank you

    3. The Element should definitely work. In all likelihood the CD has become corrupt. But do NOT toss it out. As you mentioned, you can see files, so you need to locate two files in particular, both of which are called Products. Those are the license files tied to the dongle that needs to be plugged in after you get the program installed. Copy and paste those to a folder on your computer. Next, download and install this newer version of KNK STudio: and read the instruction file.

      You’ll also need to install a driver:

      Then, after installing the driver, reboot Windows and plug in the Element. Windows SHOULD then finish installing the Element and assign a COM Port.

      Here’s the link to a user manual to use now: (4th link)

      If you have any problems, please email me at so that I will respond faster than here.

      KNK USA has had trade-in programs in the past but there isn’t one currently. Sorry!

    4. sandy,
      I purchased a KnK element a few years ago from eventually had to go in storage for a while.Now I am trying to get it going again and currently have Windows 8.1.when I install the program I can find a lot of files on my computer but can not actually open program.can the element be used with windows 8?What about my dongle?Will it work on windows 8?Last question.Does anyone except trade ins if I decide to upgrade to newer machine?Thank you very much for any info you may have! Kevin Rowe

    5. Since it’s a different computer, you need to re-register…. and you may have already done the following steps exactly as I’ve specified, but just in case…

      Go to Help>About Klic-N-Kut and make sure the Production Date is February 2010. If it is not, then download and install this version:

      Next, you will need the 10 digit Activation Pin that looks like this: XXXX XXXX XX. Use that number for registering.

      You should be able to register once per year. If you still cannot get it to work and you know you’re using the correct number, then submit a support ticket using this link:

    6. Hello
      I am using KNK studio since last 3 years on my old Win XP pc. Recently I replaced it with a new Win 7 pc. KNK Studio Installed Successfully. But I am not being able to activate it with the key. Is the Machine Id changed or some else?? Please help.

    7. Try a force of 110 and 2 passes. I assume this is a Maxx and not Maxx Air? If it’s a Maxx Air, then try 80 and 2 passes. Use a medium speed… say around 200 – 300.

    8. Hello,
      Does anyone know the suggested KNKMAX settings for cutting 7 mil Mylar sheets? I’m cutting stencils. I can’t find it on the settings sheet.

    9. Hi Pat, I’ll email me privately regarding this. Look for an email in a minute or two.

    10. Hi Sandy,
      I have lost my pin number and was wondering how to get another. I have changed computers and not sure what to do. Can you tell me how to recover my pin?
      Thank you

    11. Thank you, Sandy! The seller isn’t authorized. I bought it from a design studio, so it looks like I’m out of luck. Luckily MTC is cheap. Thank you for the help!

    12. Hi Ted,

      Who is the seller and are they a KNK USA dealer (not likely since they shipped it versus having KNK USA ship it) OR are they a Janome sewing/embroidery dealer? In order to know whether or not this was a Brand NEW SALE or the person is selling a return makes a HUGE difference when it comes to the software. MTC doesn’t allow re-registration of an activation pin.

    13. Hi Sandy! I just bought a new-in-the-box KNK Zing from a private party. I installed Make The Cut and the Zing plugin, but there was no activation card in the box. I called the person I bought the machine from, and he doesn’t have the card, either. I’ve sent a message through two days ago, and have not yet received a reply. Do you know of another resource?

      Thank you!

    14. No…CADLink had never made any Mac versions of their software and, as far as I know, has no plans to start. :(

    15. Thanks for your reply! Is there a newer version of the software that would run on it then?

    16. No, unfortunately KNK Studio (which is made by CADLink), is a Windows-only program. If you want to use it on a Mac computer, you’ll need to install an emulator and a version of Windows.

    17. hi! I run the KNK Studio Maxx on my laptop (windows 7). I don’t run the cutter itself at this moment – I just use the software to create stencils and then send the pdf to my Dad to cut using his laser cutter. My question is that I am seriously debating on upgrading to a MacBook Pro laptop….will this same software run on the Mac? (again, I’m not so worried about the cutter at this present time). Thanks!

    18. Hi Jessica,

      The KNK Maxx uses the same procedure as the Zing for Print and Cuts and is a much strong cutter. Congrats on receiving one! It should have come with an MTC Activation Pin card and you then register that number. If you already own MTC, then you won’t need it and can sell it, if you like. But either way the Maxx definitely cuts from MTC!

      Be sure to use the KNK Maxx user manual as a guide. Once you are comfortable with cutting, then go to Chapter 9 for instructions on calibrating the laser location and then you’ll be all set to do precise print and cuts.

    19. Hi Sandy my husband just got me a KNK MAXX when i was looking for the KNK Zing Air, can you do print and cuts with the maxx like the zing air advertises? (Print and Cut With built-in Laser alignment, the KNK Zing performs quick and precise print-and-cuts.), does the maxx also works with the Make and cut software? I just open my present yesterday but not sure if this is what I was looking for. any help



    20. Please advise me where I can obtain a calibration sheet to download for the calibration of my knk 24 maxx for the laser light in order perform print and cut . Kind Regards

    21. It shouldn’t be assigned to COM 1 if everything went according to plan. Reinstalling the driver is the best thing to do. Unplug the Maxx from your computer. Then go here and download and install the driver. Then reboot Windows. Wait for Windows to fully come up and then plug in the USB cable. The Maxx should then be installed and assigned to a COM port of 3 or higher. Make sure that same com port is then selected in the software you’re using.

    22. Upgraded from windows 7 to Windows 7 professional and when I ask Maxx to cut it goes to com 1 but nothing happens? Com 1 is set to right baud rate. Computer is hooked up to Maxx and is plugged in.Tried the different coms but can’t get maxx to cut, oh my.

    23. Does it have three pinch wheels or two? Where did you purchase it? And what is the Serial Number (SN) on the bottom? I’ll look into this for you!

    24. I just purchased what was supposed to be the zing air, but I’m not sure I was shipped the right one. The box says zing air, but no where on the machine says zing air, just zing….even the bottom sticker. How do I know whether they sent me the correct one?

    25. It’s probably going to be difficult to find someone to buy your Zing. I’d much rather see you put it to good use! What has changed to make you not want to give it a go?

    26. Sandy Hi!
      Hope you doing well. I had bought the KNK Zing last year from the US, but honestly have not been able to use it at all. Its brand new. I live in India, if you know anyone interested to buy here, please let me know. For some reason I could not work with the ZIng at all.
      Hope it wont be a problem!

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