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    1. When you purchase KNK Studio the second time, you would have been given a 10 digit Activation Pin that looks like this: XXXX XXXX XX. Use that number to register your software again. You can use it twice initially and then once a year after that. If it fails, then contact KNK USA by calling them: 800-268-3672 or submit a support ticket here:

    2. Need help! I have a KNK Maxx. Sold my first KNK when I got the Maxx but sold the software that came with Maxx with original KNK. Harddrive was reformatted to Windows 7 from XP and I had to purchase the KNK software again to get serial number. Harddrive was not supposed to be reformatted – my nephew didn’t listen to me and cost me a lot of heartache and money. Had to repurchase Adobe to make pdf’s, etc. and someone told to to purchase WinZip to help with KNK problems. Messes everything up. I was having problems with my computer restarting and accidentally clicked on install KNK and it switched the original to demo version – how do I fix this – I tried restoring but that didn’t do it. In tears. Had a house fire here a year and a half ago and lost dongles so I can’t get into Craft Robo files to make into KNK files. I found a Rocky2 dongle and am not sure what that goes to maybe winpc sign. I really need to get my knk out of demo mode?

    3. Hi Sandy, not sure if you remember me, but I have a question. Can I design a quote in Photoshop and export it in some format that is cutable with my KNK?

    4. Hi Shirley,

      I can definitely help you with this. Try watching this video on welding fonts. Basically, what’s happening is that your letters are overlapping when you type out the letters and you need to weld them together to remove the overlap.

      Let me know if this doesn’t fix the issue for you!


    5. Howdy Sandy,

      I have tried to find the answer to my question, but my eyes are starting to cross!! I mostly cut heat transfer vinyl for my business. I’m getting little gaps with cursive fonts, where the letters cross I think. Is this just something that happens with cursive fonts? Or am I doing something wrong? I tried to fill in the gaps in Inkscape, but there are no gaps once I paste the image. It’s more noticeable with thin cursive fonts…just enough on several letters to not look good on a shirt. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

      By the way, once I figured out the correct settings, the KNK works SO WELL!! Thank you for the videos, the hard work, and overall knowledge so easily accessible! Bravo!!

    6. Chipboard varies a lot from one type to the next. I’m not very fond of it because of the inconsistency but it is a handy material and relatively inexpensive. The problem with cutting it is that it tends to pull away from the cutting mat during the cutting process. Once there’s even the tiniest gap, you begin to get incomplete cuts and, sometimes, tearing. So, you need a fairly aggressive adhesive to stabilize the chipboard but then not have it peel when you get ready to remove it from the mat.

      If it were me, I would look into styrene (a white plastic) or stencil board. Both are more homogenous, cut cleaner and will actually be more durable in the hands of kids versus using chipboard. I think 0.01” styrene would be ideal. Obviously that’s not nearly as thick as the chipboard you were wanting to cut but, again, the material would be quite durable. The stencil board is this product here: Note that the smell goes away within a few days. Depending on your age, you would definitely recognize the scent as “stencil smell.” Lol My mom used to own some stencils (back in the 60’s) and I knew that smell immediately the first time I bought some of this from KNK USA.

      The Maxx Air would probably be best as it has a lot more cutting force and can handle big jobs. If you do want to stick with chipboard, then 0.033″ would be best. I’ve cut 0.06″ chipboard on the MA but the shapes need to be simple and, due to the pulling up of the material, you’d only be able to cut several at a time.

    7. Hi Sandy,
      I am very interested in buying either a Zing or Maxx Air die cutter.
      I enjoy making learning games for children. Presently, a lot of my creations are made out of construction paper or poster board. I would rather my students have something more durable. Possibly chipboard would be my answer, perhaps .05 or thicker. What would be the thickest material that I could cut in one pass with each of those machines? Right now I am leaning more towards the Maxx Air because I believe that it would be more attuned to my projects.
      Thank you! ( :

    8. Hi! I have an older model. I need to change to a new computer and I cannot for the life of me remember how I go the software onto my computer!! I have found my serial number and activation key but no disc. I can’t remember if it was downloaded from the internet. Please Help!! My old computer is freezing and I can’t use my cutter!!! I have only had it on one computer so changing shouldn’t be a problem.

    9. Everything is very open with a very clear explanation of the issues.
      It was really informative. Your site is very useful.
      Thank you for sharing!

    10. Hi Stacey,

      The newer Maxx/Zing blade holders are too large to fit into your machine. Let me see if I can find the original blade holder somewhere online for you. I’ll email you!

    11. Hi Sandy, I have an older model (I think it’s a grand – grey with 24″ cutting width) that uses the original silver blade holder. I’d like to get an extra holder so I don’t have to swap out my blades when I change materials. Do any of the newer KNK holders work with my machine? I realize I’d also need to buy the same type of blade to go with them. Or is there another brand of blade holder that is compatible?
      Thanks for your help,

    12. Yes, you can! You can either design them yourself, import from the online user gallery (I did a quick search on “flame” and also “fire”… there were files to import!), or you can import .jpg, .bmp, etc into the pixel trace window. I bet you can find dozens of images on the Internet to bring in. : )

    13. Hi, I’m new to MTC,
      I’m trying to make my own decals out of vinyl for my radio controlled cars.
      Can i make own designs through MTC
      I’m trying to make a simple silhouette of some flames.
      Any help would be appreciated .

    14. I’m sure there is a way, but I would need to see the jpg file itself so that I can teach you! Please send it to Also, please remind me which software program you’re using. Thanks!

    15. Sandy

      I am trying to convert a JPEG picture and when ever i vectorize it I lose part of the picture, is there anything that I can do to get everything that I see on the picture

    16. Hi Cheryl,

      Please send me the file or provide the link at MTC if you posted the file there. I’m happy to give it a try and make a video for you, if it’s more complex that the Bezier tracing videos I’ve already made. Have you watched both of them yet?

      Sandy (my email is

    17. I’ve traced a jpg from an embroidery file I purchased several years ago and I’m turning it into a cut file. I’ve just kept the traced portion to use as a template for placement of letters, stars and color blocks.

      I’m trying to cut part of the work into curved stripes and make them different colors. The slice tool only makes straight lines and I don’t seem to be coordinated enough to get a nice curve with the eraser tool.

      I thought about the bezier tool, but I haven’t figured out how to make that work in my favor, either.

      Would you be willing to look at my file and give me a suggestions? I’m using Make the Cut!. I did post the question on the MTC Forum, but had two responses…neither of which seemed to work.


    18. Normally, that can be controlled by adjusting the Threshold setting. Can you send me the raster file that you’re importing into the Pixel Trace window so that I can see it and test it? My email is

    19. Sandy,

      I have copied a jpeg image with 4 flowers and 4 circles to be cut out of fabric with the MTC software. I have “texturized” and hit “blackout” for only the outline images to be cut. But it keeps leaving one flower out of the “blackout” and it cuts the inside of the line and 1/16″ outside the line. I tried several times to change this and it doesn’t work. I tried to scanned the flowers and make them all dark but that doesn’t work very well with my scanner. How can I get all flowers in the “blackout” mode so it doesn’t cut one twice?
      Mary M.

    20. I need to see the file you’re importing into MTC. Can you either send me the link to where you’re downloading it OR send me the file itself.

    21. Stencil edge card
      Hi Sandy, I am trying to make a stencil edge on a card and have watched your video on this with the tulip. I am having problem with the stencil art clips from images I copy from google. The background is the problem when I copy, how do I remove it!
      Hope you can help
      Kind regards

    22. Hi Byron,

      I’d like to check this out. So, I’ll be emailing you about getting both the PDF and the resulting KNK file. Make The Cut is a great program for importing files but there can be problems with PDF’s since they can essentially be made from any program. Any given PDF can be a vector, a raster or a combination. Sometimes PDF files import with invisible shapes and/or duplicated shapes. Occasionally, they will import with shapes that cannot be broken up into individual paths. You just never know. That’s why seeing the one you’re trying to import will greatly help me in figuring out what’s going on.

    23. Sandy

      I have a KNK MAXX 15″ and using the studio software, when I down load a pdf file or picture and copy it to a knk file after it is vectored, I do not get the complete picture. I only get part of it. like on an “AC” that is welded, the center of the A is not there and that goes with other pictures that I try to do.
      is Make the cut a better software to use for what you see is what you get

      thank you

    24. Hi Sonya,

      The Maxx Air should have come with a cutting mat gridded at 13″ x 22″. It’s also important to use our mats because they are much thicker than regular ones. Please contact your store and insist about getting one. The boxes and machines themselves all say Maxx. It’s on the ones shipped here in the US that get an “Air” label added. The way to know, for sure, that you received a Maxx Air are the following: (1) When you turn it on, it should say KNK Maxx (the older models say ACS) (2) The maximum force (f) should go up to 255. The older Maxx only went up to 160. (3) You should be able to set the speed between 1 and 800 in small increments. On the older Maxx, the minimum speed was 50 and only went up to 600. (4) Press the Menu button and keep pressing. There should be 6 windows in total. On the older Maxx, there were only 3 or 4, depending on the model. Hope this helps!

    25. I have just bought a klic-n-kut machine. The store I purchased it on says its a maxx air but the machine doesn’t have air on the machine, is this correct? Also the machine didn’t come with a cutting mat.

    26. Sandy,
      Thank you again. The COM port for the Artistic was COM 5 and on the MTC it was COM 3. I did change the port to 5 and now it works. Very good advice on the first attempt to fix the problem. You are very valuable to KNK and MTC.
      Have a nice trip.
      Mary Miller

    27. Mary, I’m so sorry for the delay. I’m scrambling to get things finished before I leave tomorrow morning. First off… is the Green connect light on? Is the same COM Port assigned as is working in AC? They would use the same port.

    28. I have KNK Zing and Sandy you have helped me before to get my cutter working. I did have success but now it will not cut again. I have downloaded the update for MTC and the Zing update. The screen appears that it is reading the design and sending it to the cutter – the window bar shows the info being sent but the Zing does not respond at all. I tried to cut something with my Artisitic software and it did work using that program. What is going on, why can’t I get the Zing to cut from MTC?

    29. I understand you have contacted KNK USA… which would have been my recommendation. It doesn’t sound like a software issue and definitely not a user issue! Hopefully Ron or Chad will have an easy repair solution for you.

    30. Hi Sandy
      I’ve started using MTC more for designing but I keep running into a problem when sending to cut to my Eagle. My designs will start off beautifully and then the cutter will have a little ‘hiccup’ and either drop down or shift up a bit and continue to cut the design. Have you encountered this before? I watched your videos on where images will cut and I believe I have all the settings correct, especially the WYSIWYG but it’s not cutting so WYSIWYG :)

    31. That’s a measuring system that one of the Zing owners designed and then provided as a PNC file. I printed mine on printable vinyl sold at KNK USA but you can use anything that will attach to your blade holder. The file is called Zing Number Sys and you can grab it here:

      I just arbitrarily wrapped the number tape around the outside and then I retracted my blade until I could JUST feel the tippity tip of the blade. I decided to make that “0″ and so I put the arrow sticker on the top of the blade holder at that spot.

      Note that the top revolves multiple times so you still have to roughly how much blade you need exposed. But for those who are really struggling with precision, this can be a useful tool.

    32. Sandy,
      Inoticed in one of your videos that you were using an adjustable bladeholder. Can you tell me where I can purchase one.

    33. So, I completely uninstalled KNK and the driver, and started from the beginning. It seems to be working fine. So far so good. Thank you for your help in troubleshooting this with me!

    34. The restarting and moving the dongle did not solve the problem. I just sent you an email with all the dongle info and product files.


    35. Our version is called KNK Studio, so you’re fine there. Do this… shut down the computer and change the USB port for the dongle. Make sure it’s snugly plugged in and then start up your computer again. See if you still have the same error after trying 10 or so steps. If you do, then please email your dongle number to me (the number ending in H) as well as the two Products files you currently have saved in c:\Klic-N-Kut Studio. My email is

    36. It’s KNK Studio Element version 8.0 Revision 1. Production date: Nov 25 2008. I only have one version installed on my computer right now. I have been doing some troubleshooting research on the cadlink site as well. I can’t find signlab anywhere on my computer, and I’m thinking this might have something to do with it. What are your thoughts?

    37. Go to Help>About Klic-N-Kut. What is the Production Date? Do you have any other versions of KNK installed on your computer?

    38. Yes, I do have a dongled version. The dongle is plugged in and the light is on. I did copy and paste my product files into the installation folder. It’s bizarre because it works for 10-15 seconds, then stops cutting and I get the cadlink error message.

    39. You have a dongled version of KNK Studio, yes? Do you have the dongle plugged in and the light is on? When you re-installed KNK Studio, did you copy and paste YOUR two Products files to the installation folder?

    40. Hello sandy!

      Hoping you can help me with my knk element issue. I am using windows 7 and had to recently restore it a re-install everything. The knk was working fine before the restore (after some driver tweaks an patches). However, now I keep getting a cadlink error message after the machine makes a few cuts. Do you have any troubleshooting suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    41. For some reason, on your computer, Word has been associated with the file type. For now, RIGHT click on the file and you should get an option to save to your computer. Then, when you have it on your computer, locate it using Explorer, RIGHT click, and then select Open With. You’ll be able to browse and fine the software program and then mark a box to make it the default program to open those types of files. Email me at if you continue to have problems.

    42. Hi Sandy, hope you are doing well. I have been on your support site getting a little training! When I go into your cutting files and click on any file eg anniversary my computer opens the file win word(?) and it looks like greek! am I diong anything incorrectly?

    43. Hello Sandy
      I purchased a Falcon cutter about 2 years ago I only used it a few times it has been boxed like new I changed my computer so I can’t remember how to make it work the acs dongle will not do anything in my new computer. Please help me I went back on the site where I purchased it and the contact number is out of service.
      Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer.

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