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Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, plastic, fabric, iron-on, foil, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, software, videos and other information related to the Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters. If you are just now learning about Klic-N-Kut, check out the Klic-N-Kut Info section of this site. If you are a current KNK owner and need some help, check out the Support section of this site.

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I cannot say enough good about Sandy and Chad for helping me this weekend! Stellar customer service. Great customer service will separate you from your competitor and grow your company!!! Thank you so much!

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  1. darlene pease

    I purchased the zing it came with MTC. However MTC does not
    play well with my MAC. Can you give me some assistance.
    Wondering if I need a new software. Thank you

  2. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Kitty,

    The best place to start is by reading the first few chapters of teh Zing Air User Manual. As you go through it be sure to ask questions, as needed. You can email those questions to me directly at and/or you can join one of the support groups listed in the user manual. Those who ask questions and have no fear of making mistakes while learning are the ones who end up successful! So, I hope I’ll be hearing from you or seeing you posting at one of the groups. 🙂

    Here is a link to the Zing Air support page where you will find the user manual link:

  3. Kitty

    Hi Sandy
    My daughter has a Zing air bought in 2014 that is not getting use.
    I would like to get into it, where should I start.

    New user

  4. Sandy McCauley

    I have a document that explains the differences between the regular and the Pro versions of SCAL:

    No, you won’t be able to install KNK STudio on ANY computer. If CADLink told you that KNK Studio doesn’t work with Windows 8 and 10, then that is not true. The software works with those versions. However, Windows updates cause the registration to not longer be valid and CADLink doesn’t want to help KNK Studio users any longer with providing updated license files. They want everyone to pay for a dongled version so that they no longer have to process new license files. I can understand that they need to make money. It’s just a shame that it’s going to be so troublesome for so many customers.

    Please send me an email and I will provide you with a preliminary tutorial on what to do about your KNK files. My email is

  5. Carmen Molina

    Thank you very much for your quick response. I am determined to acquire the Sure cut a lot, but I would like to know if it is worth the effort to obtain the Pro version. On the other hand I would like to know if I could reinstall the KNK Studio if I had Windows 7, with the license that I was sent as a cadlink, because otherwise I will not be able to convert all the work I have saved with the extension “.Knk”.
    I thank you again for your support.
    No translation into Spanish, thanks.

  6. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Carmen, Unfortunately, CADLink will no longer provide license files for KNK Studio. If you do not want upgrade to Signlab 10, then you will need to purchase either Make The Cut ($59 USD) or Sure Cuts A Lot ($60 USD). Sure Cuts A Lot will cut to your Force, so that is the better choice. To get any existing KNK files converted, you can still open them in KNK Studio and copy/paste over to Inkscape (a free program) and then save the file there. Please let me know if you need more help. I also have someone who can translate this into Spanish, if needed.

  7. Carmen Molina

    Hi Sandy
    I have a Maxx KNK and a force. The first since 2008, came with a CD with a KNK demo studio and a serial number that I have been using for all these years, they have even sent me renewed licenses. In September of 2017 I reinstalled it and I had to ask for the new license, because I acquired a new PC with Windows 10, and I had to reinstall the KNK. Even earlier when Windows 10 was updated it gave Error device, it removed the update and the KNK returned to work. But I have reinstalled windows 10 and now I get the error device with a number, I suspect it is because of license problems. The issue is that I have the workshop stopped and I do not know what to do, from Cadlink I recommend investing € 500 in the KNK studio V10. For me that is impossible at this time. On the other hand I have the Force that I have not yet been able to prove and I would like to have a software to work with both. I would be very grateful if you could guide me to solve this.
    Sorry for the previous message, I had problems with the translator.
    Thanks and best regards, Carmen from Sevilla.

  8. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Jani, Thanks for posting! What thickness is the Teflon? And what size and kinds of patterns? When dealing with thick materials, small and/or intricate designs are more difficult to cut than larger simpler designs. The KNK cutters use small blades in a swivel type blade holder.

  9. Jani Pretorius

    I would like to cut teflon plastic filament sheets on a pattern.
    Would the Zing Orbit work for this? Or can you recommend another one?
    How does the cutting mechanism work? does it have a blade or punch?

  10. Sandy McCauley

    I’ve never heard of a cutter slipping “out of square”. But given what you’re seeing, decreasing the Blade Offset should solve the issue you’re seeing with this particular blade.

  11. Mike

    I had adjusted before this by gradual steps from .25 to .30 to .35 etc and found that .45 solved the rounded corners and stayed square for what I’m guestimating was over a year. It seems if this KNK Zing I have (bought in 2016) gradually slips out of square.

    Sandy McCauley on April 9, 2018 at 7:39 am
    Hi Mike, The response to your same post at the MTC forum is correct. It appears your blade offset is too high. Here’s a link back to it: I recommend cutting some small test squares at these offsets: 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.40 to see which one gives you the squarest corners.

  12. Mike

    KNK Zing not making square cuts. My 45 degree blade was dull and so replaced it with a new 45 degree blade. The blade tip protrudes minimally beyond the opening of the blade holder and allows a test hand cut through a sheet of my 48lb paper. However rectangular cuts are not square. There is excellent tack on the cutting board plus I us a roller to press the sheet down and I tape down all four edges. The stock is 48lb, blade is set at 25 post-it height, speed is Cut: 11 Up: 11, Force is 65 and Multicut is 1, Blade offset is .45mm and am using the print-and-cut option. Also I have a fomecore surface level with the KNK Zing on each side so the cutting mat doesn’t sag going forward or reverse. I have two jpeg snapshots which show what is happening if that is any help though I don’t see an option for that on your blog. On many of the right angles the blade appears to have veered up/left/right slightly and then straightened. On others what should be right angles and rounded.

  13. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Chris,

    Based on what I’m reading here:, the answer would be no. While the Force is a Z-axis cutter, what I’m reading is that the software would need to be able to move along the Z axis while also moving along the X and Y at the same time. That’s not been programmed into either of the programs that work with the Force. Instead, the rotary tool drills down to a specified depth and then moves along the X and Y axis to the end of the path and then lifts up.

  14. Chris Doman

    Hi Sandy
    I am thinking of buying a KNK force. I am a printmaker and so my interest in the force is in the area of making blocks. Stencils, collagraphs, lino etc.
    I have a question regarding the rotary tool.Is it able to VCarve? Sometimes called 3D carving. It seems to have all the mechanical functions needed, but can the software handle it? I have a KNK Maxx that is 15 years old and it has stopped finally.

  15. Sandy McCauley

    Also, let me know if you’re on a PC or a Mac. Thanks!

  16. Sandy McCauley

    Yes, Gary! Happy to help. Please email me at and let me know how far in the user manual you’ve gotten and what’s happening. ALso, let me know which software program you’re using. We’ll get things figured out.

  17. Gary

    Can I get your help setting up Zing cutter machine.

  18. Sandy McCauley

    It’s my understanding you now have a response to this from KNK? If not, please email me at I’m much faster at email. 🙂

  19. Sandy McCauley

    First of all… switch to use the test pen and paper until we get this figured out. That way you won’t waste material. Then, I need to see the file itself OR post screenshots showing the file on the Cutting Mat in SCAL4. And what cutting mode did you use in the Cut Settings windows? WYSIWYG, Origin Point, or Center Point? Also, make sure you didn’t inadvertently check the option for Orbit under Mode. It needs to be at Normal. If you still have issues, post back OR email me at

  20. Amanda

    Hi Sandy,

    Contacted KNK USA two days ago (support ticket 14704) and have not received a response. As you offered follow up, thought I would post here!
    Any light you can shed would be amazing!

    See my video on Youtube:

    File from an svg exported from Illustrator. Origin Point cut setting in
    SCAL 4.
    Zing Orbit gets ‘stuck’ on the file and starts to cut off the paper.

    A file created from the same svg (on Make The Cut) works fine on my old
    2014 Zing??

    Have had this problem multiple times with different files and it’s getting
    annoying having to use my old (smaller) Zing when I have a brand new one!!!

  21. Amanda

    Hi Sandy! Couldn’t see where to post RE: Zing Orbit issue. Contacted KNK USA 2 days ago (support ticket: 14704)

    See my video on Youtube:

    File from an svg exported from Illustrator. Origin Point cut setting in
    SCAL 4.
    Zing Orbit gets ‘stuck’ on the file and starts to cut off the paper.

    A file created from the same svg (on Make The Cut) works fine on my old
    2014 Zing??

    Have had this problem multiple times with different files and it’s getting
    annoying having to use my old (smaller) Zing when I have a brand new one!!!

    Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated!!

  22. Sandy McCauley

    I assume you’re on a PC, thus you can switch to either Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot4. I favor the SCAL because the developer is still actively providing updates and fixing bugs. The owner of MTC hasn’t made any changes in the past 4 years. Also, the Mac verson of MTC has some issues at times. If you want to read more about the pro’s and con’s of both programs, I wrote two different blog posts about the programs last year. Start with this one which refers to the other. They cover the differences from two different perspectives.

    You can also download trial versions of both to check out. I also have user manuals written for both programs. Feel free to email me at if you need help getting either program to communicate with your Maxx OR if you just have other related questions.

  23. Sharon Hofer

    I have a KNKMAXX but there are software issues. Do you know of a good software that can run this machine that cuts 24 inches wide?

  24. Sandy McCauley

    Sorry for the delay, Nikki! I have a cold and I’m a bit out of it.

    If you are on a Mac, I urge you to get SCAL4 because you’ll have a better experience. The Mac version of SCAL4 is a true Mac version versus MTC’s which runs on an emulator. Ir you’re on a PC, then either program will suit your needs. MTC still works even though there haven’t been any updates in almost 4 years. But I also think SCAL is a great program, too. Last year I did a lot of side-by-side comparisons and tabulated those under the Klic-N-Kut tab here. At some point, you may need to upgrade to SCAL if MTC becomes incompatible with upgrades to the Mac and/or PC operating systems.

    Feel free to ask more questions!

  25. Nikki Chandler

    Hi Sandy,
    I was given a Maxx Air 24″ a few years back and unfortunately, it sat. I was using MTC for my software. I have been wanting to create again and am needing to learn how to use the Maxx Air. I was surprised to see MTC isn’t offering updates any longer and am unsure of what to do now. It’s a brand new machine. Are there any other software programs that work with it other than MTC and SCAL? In your opinion, am I better off purchasing SCAL and trying to learn how to use it or simply keep using MTC until it can’t do what I need it to? At this point, I believe MTC can do what I need it (though I recently read your comment about rhinestones and that may pose an issue sooner rather than later).
    You have been in this forum since I started using MTC. I value your input and am grateful for your response.

    Kind Regards,

  26. Sandy McCauley

    If you are referring to thickening a line so that it will cut easier, refer to a video called Thickening a Font in the Text section at the following link. If you are referring to something else, I will need more info.

  27. Ronda

    Hi Sandy
    Thank so much for all your help. I couldn’t do it without you.
    Is there a video on thickening lines in MTC?

  28. Sandy McCauley

    Yes, Rhonda! Windows 10 will work with your Element. You’ll need to install the driver from here: (select the one that says 1st and 2nd generation). Then let me know if you have any issues getting the software set up and all of your default settings working again. You can email me at

  29. David

    Hi Sandy, I will be cutting out vinyl letters, I will try it that way and let you know.


  30. Ronda Foster

    My current computer crashed I was running windows 7 and now I have to purchase a new one.
    Will my knk element work with the newer windows ? Ex windows 10

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