SOLO and CREATE Videos

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A. Unpacking and Introduction to the SOLO

Unboxing the SOLO – Shawn Mosch

Unboxing the SOLO – Mr. Crafty Pants

en español Conociendo la StarCraft SOLO – Omayra Yabrys

Cutting the Zip Ties – Shawn Mosch

Parts of the SOLO – Shawn Mosch

Parts of the SOLO – Corinne Blackstone

B. Basic Setup


Videos for Beginners- Rhonda M
en español StarCraft SOLO Guia Completa para Nuevos Usuarios / Complete Guide for New Users – Omayra Yabrys


Registering the SOLO and Activating CREATE – Rhonda M

en español Instalando, Registrando CREATE, y Conectando la SOLO – Omayra Yabrys

Setting Up Create To Run Your Solo Machine – Rhonda M

Overview Of What The Starcraft Create Software Interface Looks Like – Rhonda M

From Cricut Design Space To Starcraft CREATE – Mr. Crafty Pants

Preferences – Rhonda M


SOLO Control Panel – Corinne Blackstone

en español Conectando Starcraft SOLO Via Wi-Fi – Omayra Yabrys

Blade Setup – 143 Vinyl Tip

en español Insertar y Establecer el Largo de Cuchilla – Omayra Yabrys

Extra Pointers on Setting Blade Exposure on a Pro Vinyl Cutter like the SOLO

Mounting the Blade in the Holder – 143 Vinyl Tip

Pinch Wheels Placement – 143 Vinyl Tip

Sliding the Pinch Wheels – Sandy McCauley

Change Arrow Key Settings – 143 Vinyl Tip

Calibrating the Camera – Sandy McCauley

en español Calibracion Cámara SOLO para Impresion y Corte – Omayra Yabrys

Force And Speed In The Software Vs On The Solo Itself – Rhonda M

C. CREATE Workspace

For more CREATE videos, scroll down to Section E

Functions at the Top (Menu Bar and Toolbar)

Upper Toolbar Icons – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- File> Open, Close And Save Projects, Import, Export And More – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Edit> Cut, Copy, Paste, Select, Deselect, Preferences – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Object> Transform, Arrange, Alignment, Distribute, Break Apart And Merge – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Object> Clip Path, Clip Mask, Duplicate, Rotated Duplicate, Hide/Show, Lock/Unlock – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Path> Union, Intersection, Exclude, Simplify, Offset Path And More – Rhonda M
Menu-Bar- Layer> Adding, Deleting, Arranging, Show/Hide Layers – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Page> Add A Page, Delete A Page And Page Properties – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> Scroll down to Section E Designing
Menu Bar- Text> Scroll down to Section E Text
Menu Bar- View> Outlines, Zoom, Snapping, Guidelines, Hide Tool/Status Bar – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Cutter> Mat Size/Orientation, Preview, Cutter Settings, My Cutter – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Window> Library, Project Info, Workspace, And Help – Rhonda M
Library And Marketplace – Rhonda M

Functions on the Right (Properties Panel)

Document Panel – Rhonda M
Position And Size Panel – Rhonda M
Fill And Stroke Panel – Rhonda M
Fill And Stroke Panel: Pattern Fill – Rhonda M
Fill And Stroke Panel: Gradient Fill – Rhonda M
Style Panel – Rhonda M
Text Panel – Rhonda M
Layers Panel – Rhonda M

Functions on the Left (Tools Panel)

Tools Panel- Selection Tool, Selection, Shape Tool And Type Tool – Rhonda M
Tools Panel- Draw Tool, Freehand, Brush And Eraser – Rhonda M
Tools Panel- Rectangle, Dropper, Gradient, And Knife Tools – Rhonda M
Tools Panel- Distort, Stencil, Bridge, Zoom, Ruler, And Pan Tools – Rhonda M

D. SOLO Accessories

Using the Camera to Set a Precise Origin – Rhonda M
Setting Up CREATE to Engrave – Rhonda M
Setting Up CREATE to Draw & Cut with the Chomas Pen/Marker Blade Holder- Rhonda M
Setting Up CREATE to Draw & Cut with the Test Pen- Rhonda M
Setting Up CREATE to Score & Cut – Rhonda M
Setting Up CREATE to Print and Score and Cut – Sandy McCauley

en español
Herramienta Grabado / How to use Engraver Tool – Omayra Yabrys
Dos herramientas Foil Quill y Cuchilla / How to use Two Tools – Omayra Yabrys
Grabado en Acrilico / Acrylic Engraving – Omayra Yabrys
Evita Punta Cuchilla Raye Material / Using a Blade holder Shim – Omayra Yabrys

E. Additional CREATE Videos

Cutting Applications

Using Origin Point Mode – Sandy McCauley
Cut by Color – Rhonda M
Cut by Color w/ Color Alignment Marks – Rhonda M
Setting Up Create To Cut Scraps – Rhonda M
Tiling Cut Larger Than The Mat – Rhonda M
Tiling an SVG Image – Zingah’s Labyrinth
Tiling a Raster Image – Rhonda M
Tiling Print+Cut PNG Files – Rhonda M
Tiling A Raster Image For Printing Larger Than Your Printer Allows – Rhonda M
Weeding Lines – Rhonda M
Inverse Weeding Lines For Stencils – Rhonda M
3 Layer Vinyl Die Cut – Rhonda M
Score Force and Force in The Cut Window – Rhonda M
Using Center Point Mode – Sandy McCauley
Saving Presets on the SOLO Control Panel – 143 Vinyl Tip
HELP! My StarCraft Solo machine stopped cutting! – Shawn Mosch


Performing a Print+Cut Application – Mr. Crafty Pants
Setting Registration Marks – Rhonda M
Creating an Offset Cut Line – Zingah’s Labyrinth
Setting Up a P+C for Stickers – Rhonda M
Kiss Cut + Die Cut Sticker Setup – Sandy McCauley
*Updated* Print Plus Cut – Rhonda M
How To Make Stickers – Rhonda M
Adding an Outer Contour Cut to PNG Imports – Sandy McCauley
Understanding How To Attach (A Cricut Feature) Works in CREATE – Rhonda M
Print Plus Cut (original) – Rhonda M
Layer Assignment For Print Plus Cut Vs HTV – Rhonda M
Resizing an Imported PNG File for Precise Sizing of the Cut Line – Sandy McCauley
Work Around For Reducing Transparency After Ungrouping a PNG File – Rhonda M
Print from Silh Studio, Cut from CREATE Part 1 – Sandy McCauley
Print from Silh Studio, Cut from CREATE Part 2 – Sandy McCauley
Print from Affinity Designer and Cut from CREATE – Sandy McCauley
Design in CREATE but Print from Affinity Designer – Sandy McCauley
Print from Adobe Illustrator and Cut from CREATE – Zingah’s Labyrinth
SOLO and Skycut – Array Function for PNC Multiples – Sandy McCauley

en español
Todo Sobre Marcas de Registro / Everything about Registration Marks – Omayra Yabrys
Impresión y Corte, Asignación Capas y Mucho Más / Print & Cut, Assigning Layers and Much More – Omayra Yabrys
Cómo deshacernos del cuadro alrededor de la imagen / How to get rid of the box around the image – Omayra Yabrys
Olvidaste Imprimir Marcas de Registro a una Impresión y Corte / Forgot Print PNC Reg Marks – Omayra Yabrys

Print+Cut – Editing PNG and JPG Images

Crop a PNG Print Layer – Rhonda M
Crop a JPG – Rhonda M
– – – – Link to Download GIMP – Free editing program for raster images
Remove Transparent Space Fast in GIMP – Rhonda M
Using GIMP to Remove Background and/or Crop Excess Area on a Raster Image – Zingah’s Labyrinth
Using ProCreate to Remove Background and/or Crop Excess Area on a Raster Image – CreateinSpain
Changing Colors in GIMP – Rhonda M

Print+Cut – Ways to Improve Accuracy

Tweaking the Camera’s Calibration – Sandy McCauley
en español Ajuste de la calibración de la cámara – Sandy McCauley & Omayra Duarte
– – – – Link to Arrow Test File for Testing Calibration – Sandy McCauley
Three Ways to Add a Print Bleed – Pros and Cons – Sandy McCauley
Three Ways to Add a Print Bleed – Sandy McCauley
Path Offset Path Inset (instead of adding a print bleed) – Rhonda M
Adding a Print Bleed to Part of a Design- Sandy McCauley
Adding a Print Bleed to a PNG with Transparent Background – Sandy McCauley
Adding a Print Bleed to an Image with a Colored Background – Sandy McCauley
Adding a Print Bleed by Selecting a Color from the Image – Rhonda M
Shrinking the Cut Line for a Better Fit – Rhonda M


Menu Bar- Text> Fonts, Size, Convert To Outline, Load Fonts And Font Preview – Rhonda M
Working with Fonts – Rhonda M
Interlocking Letters – Rhonda M
Install Fonts For Starcraft Create Only – Rhonda M
Evenly Spacing Names In A Circle – Rhonda M
How To Stack A Word – Rhonda M
Designing a Split Letter Monogram – Rhonda M
Break Apart and Merge (when applied to text) – Rhonda M
Filling Text and Numbers with a Digital Patterned Paper – Rhonda M


Trace Info: All About File Types, Raster Vs Vector – Rhonda M
Trace Settings, Place Image, Opening The Trace Feature, Overview Of The Trace Window – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Monochrome Trace Contrast Settings – Rhonda M
Simple Trace of Clipart from Google Images – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Monochrome Trace Smooth Setting – Rhonda M
Tracing a Black & White Coloring Book Image – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Despeckle And Detail – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Single Line Threshold And Blackout – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Alpha Channel Settings – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Resample Vs Smooth – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Color Layers And Single Color Trace – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Tracing Color Layers Plus White – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Mask Forground And Background – Rhonda M
Trace Image- Draw Mask High Pass Filter – Rhonda M
Retracing a PNG Image – Sandy McCauley


Editing Transparent PNG Files – Rhonda M
How To Manipulate Cut Lines On A Png File – Rhonda M
Editing Nodes – Rhonda M
Thicken Fonts And Shapes – Rhonda M
How To Make Color Layers – Rhonda M
Eliminating Overlapping Lines – Rhonda M

Designing and Applications

Duplicating the Fast Way – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> 3d Rotate, Bridge Warp, Bulge, Canned, Drop Shadow, Knockout – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> Lattice, Line Fill & Nest – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> Object On Path, Pierce & Puzzle Generator – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> QR Code & Rhinestones – Rhonda M
Menu Bar- Effects> Shadow Layer, Symmetrical Mirror, Title Crawl, Wave & Wrapper – Rhonda M
Rhinestone Logo – Rhonda M
Wrapper Effect – Rhonda M
How To Make A Cutout Into A Raster Image – Rhonda M
Making A Custom Template – Rhonda M
3d Layered Silhouette – Rhonda M
3d Mandala – Rhonda M
Saving a Custom Color Palette – Rhonda M
Folded Bookmark with a Popup Top – Sandy McCauley
Basics of Drawing Lines and Curves and Node Editing – Sandy McCauley

en español
Cortar Varios Colores al Mismo Tiempo / Cutting Multiple Colors at Once – Omayra Yabrys
Aprende a Decorar Camisetas con Piedritas / Decorate Shirts with Rhinestones for Beginners – Omayra Yabrys
Crea Tu Propio Archivo en Capas / Create Your Own Layered File – Omayra Yabrys
Diseñar Correa Santa, Ajustes Corte Diferentes Cartulinas/ Designing Santa’s Belt, Santa Candy Dome – Omayra Yabrys
How to Make Photo Snow Globe with Picture / Como Hacer Globo de Nieve con Foto – Omayra Yabrys
Cortando Fieltro / Cutting Felt – Omayra Yabrys
Cortando Imitación Cuero / Cutting Faux Leather – Omayra Yabrys
Como hacer Envoltura Vasos Para Cumpleaños / How to make Cup Wrapper – Omayra Yabrys
Cuchilla de Corte Profundo Cortando Cartón Madera / Deep-Cut Blade Cutting Chipboard – Omayra Yabrys

File Types plus Import and Export

How To Move Your Designs And Projects From Design Space To StarCraft CREATE – Rhonda Mobley
Windows Users – Cricut Hack for getting PNG files from Cricut Design Space – Shawn Mosch
Mac Users – Cricut saving an image to use outside of design space – Ashlee Falco
Using PNG Export and Import for Creating a Single Cut Line – Sandy McCauley
Importing PNG Files with a Transparent Background – Sandy McCauley
Importar imagen SVG vs PNG / Importing SVG vs PNG image – Omayra Yabrys


Rhonda’s Shorts List – Rhonda M
Switching to Stand-Alone Wireless Mode – Sandy McCauley