Make The Cut (MTC) Support

(1) Written Tutorials:

  • Make The Cut User Manuals
  • List of MTC Shortcuts and Icons
  • SCAL5 versus MTC – FACTS regarding MTC and SCAL with Cricuts, Cameos, and ScanNCuts

    (2) MTC Downloads:

  • Make The Cut 4.6.2 for Windows
  • Make The Cut 4.6.1 for Mac – Note: MTC doesn’t work on Catalina O/S which requires all software to be 64 bit
  • Plugins
  • Windows MTC Thumbnail Viewer
  • The Free OPF Fonts that Were Shared by Developer

  • (3) Tech Support Issues:

  • Retrieve Registration Code
  • MTC Won’t Open
  • Tiny Icons in MTC
  • MTC Not Working on a Mac Note: MTC doesn’t work on Catalina O/S which requires all software to be 64 bit
  • An attempt was made to access an unnamed file past its end

  • (4) User Forums and Groups:

  • MTC Forum
  • MTC and PCS Facebook Group
  • Let’s Learn Cricut, SCAL, & MTC
  • MTC and SCAL Facebook Group

  • (5) Videos in English:

    Features and Functions

    Virtual Mat Settings
    Creating a Custom Mat
    Layer Bar: Part 1
    Layer Bar: Part 2
    Layer Bar: Part 3
    Filling Tiled Shapes with Original Raster
    Shadow Function
    Lattice Feature
    Layer Function
    Rotated Duplicate
    Thin Paths Feature
    Using Conical Warp to Design a Cupcake Wrapper
    Using Conical Warp to Design a Tumbler Wrap
    Jigsaw Puzzle Generator
    Three Reasons to Use Pages
    Sort by Color and Arranging Shapes to Save Space
    Favorite Shortcuts Part 1
    Favorite Shortcuts Part 2
    Using Wrap Objects to Path Inside Shapes
    Using Erase Tool to Cut an Image for a PNC Application
    Warp vs Split and Controlling Scroll Bars
    Using Duplicate Rotated in Designing Bordered Triangles and Rectangles


    Entering Text and Welding Letters
    Opening Font Files
    Using Dingbat Fonts
    Thickening a Font
    Downloading and Installing OPF Fonts
    Text Import Plus Alignment and Spacing Shortcuts
    Creating a Rounded Monogram
    Designing Interlocking Letters for a Monogram
    Fill a Circular Frame with Text
    Filling A Shape with Text
    Stretching Letters to Fit a Shape
    Welding Text to a Curved Set of Braces
    Fitting Text to a Curve
    Editing Grunge Fonts – Part 1- Delete by Area
    Editing Grunge Fonts – Part 2 – Quicker Method
    Filling Shapes with a Digital Paper – Part 1
    Filling Shapes with a Digital Paper – Part 2
    Welding Text to a Curved Set of Brackets
    Resizing the Character Map
    Utilizing Fonts with Extra Characters
    Placing Text on a Spiral
    Split by Spaces


    Creating a Rounded Rectangle
    Designing a Wreath
    Designing Quilled Flowers 1
    Designing Quilled Flowers 2
    Setting Up Custom Color Profiles
    Stenciling Letters
    Using Overlays in MTC – Part 1
    Using Overlays in MTC – Part 2
    Dashed Lines
    Adding Dashed Lines
    Designing a Scalloped Square
    Creating an Inset from a Shaped Greeting Card
    Designing a Hinged Card
    Downloading and Customizing a Chevron Pattern
    Filling Letters with a Chevron Pattern
    Designing a Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
    Creating Borders for HTV Projects
    Designing a Foil and Cut Project
    Designing a Print and Foil and Cut
    Setting Exact Spacing Between Different Shapes
    Selecting Custom Colors from an Imported Image
    Using Pixel Trace to Simulate Boolean Join
    Designing the Face of a Clock
    Designing Strips – Diana’s Methods
    Designing a Custom Envelope
    Designing a Rounded Rectangle
    Filling a Shape with a Vector Pattern
    Overlay on a Shadow Card
    Using Duplicate Rotated in Designing Bordered Triangles and Rectangles
    Designing a Banner Triangle
    Using Duplicate Rotated in Designing
    Creating a Custom Curve for a Gate Fold Card
    Gate Fold Card with Scalloped Edges
    Equally Spacing Names Along a Circle

    Tracing: Auto and Manual

    Demo of Pixel Tracing Features
    Pixel Trace Part 1 – Pixel Tab Option
    Pixel Trace Part 2 – Alpha Tab
    Pixel Trace Part 3 – Palette Tab
    Pixel Trace Part 4 – Color Tab
    Color Scans Trace Option
    Importing and Tracing a Decoupage Image
    Trace and Edit Example
    Creating Digital Stamps from Mounted Stamps
    Simple Curve Trace
    Manual Tracing Using the Bezier Tool
    Manually Tracing a Fold-up Project
    Selective Tracing
    Using Google Images
    Tracing a Stamped Image and Adjusting Darkness

    Preparing Print and Cut Projects

    Pixel Tracing for a PNC
    Using Join to Fill a Shape with a Pixel Traced Image
    Die Cutting a Vector Shape from a Raster Image
    PNC with an Inset Cut Line
    Adding Interior Cut Lines to a PNC Traced Image
    Additional Pixel Tracing Tips for a PNC Application
    Print and Cut Overlapping Images
    Print and Cut Where a Contour Shape is Larger Than the Printed Image


    Resizing Shapes
    Rotating a Raster Image in older versions of MTC – Method 1
    Rotating a Raster Image in older versions of MTC – Method 2
    Rotating Shapes
    Closing Open Shapes
    Delete By Area Function
    Erase and Inverse Erase
    Using the Inverse Eraser
    Node Edit – Convert Curves to Straight Lines
    Editing a Traced Image
    Removing Overlap After Shadowing Shapes
    Resizing Tiny Shapes in a Design
    Solving Shadow Problems
    Editing a Fold-up Project Using Snapping
    Resizing a Hexagonal Box
    Editing Tips
    Replacing Dashed Lines
    Alignment Methods in a Fold-up Project
    Node Editing a Fold Up Project
    Reorganzing a File with Many Shapes


    Importing from Basic Shapes
    Importing from the MTC Gallery
    Importing Files from Template Maker
    Converting a Paper Piecing KNK File to MTC
    Importing DXF Files into MTC


    Exporting to Basic Shapes and Backup/Restore
    Using Basic Shapes to Store a Template File
    Convert MTC files to KNK format
    Creating a Watermark and Then Applying
    Exporting Textured SVG Files

    Rhinestone Designing and Editing

    Rhinestone Designing
    Editing a Rhinestone Design Using Shortcut Keys
    Resizing Rhinestone Patterns
    Respacing Rhinestone Patterns
    Using Inkscape for Rhinestone Editing
    Designing a Letter for HTV with Rhinestone Track
    Designing a Linear Rhinestone Spray
    Designing a Rhinestone Spray Effect
    Applying Rhinestone Simulations


    Knife Point Mode Alignment For KNK’s
    Cutting Multiple Shapes from an Odd Shaped Material
    Splitting a Large File into Two Parts for Cutting

    Metric Workarounds In MTC

    Finding Shape Dimensions in Metric Units
    Metric Workaround

    Which Version

    Which Version Am I Using

    (6) Videos en español:

    Familiarización con MTC
    MTC Textos y letras
    MTC Galeria de Imagenes
    MTC: Tapete de Corte Virtual
    MTC: Trazando Imagen y Visualization Settings
    MTC: Preparando para Repujado
    MTC – Trazando Imagen Pestaña Pixel
    MTC – Trazando Imagen Pestaña Palette
    MTC – Trazando Imagen Utilizando la Pestañs Color
    MTC: Texto en Forma Circular Para un Sello u otra figura
    MTC – Girando Figuras
    MTC – Cambiar Tamaño a Figuras
    MTC – Icono Sombras (Shadow Icon)

    (7) MTC Files:

    INSTRUCTIONS: After clicking on one of the following links, if you find a file you wish to save to your computer, RIGHT click on the file and select Download from the popup menu.

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