KNK Maxx Air Support Page

(1) User Manuals:

KNK Maxx Air User Manuals

There are two different user manuals: one is based on Sure Cuts a Lot software and the other is based on Make The Cut software.

(2) Videos and Misc. Tutorials Support:

Videos for Learning Your KNK Maxx Air
Make The Cut Videos
KNK/ACS Studio Videos
Replacing the Laser Light
Fixing Sticky Buttons on the Control Panel
Replacing the Belt
Bluetooth Failure after Windows 10 Update

(3) Getting Help:

If you have a problem with your new Maxx Air:

  • Please refer to Appendix B in the user manual first. It answers the most commonly asked questions.
  • If you still need help, we urge you to contact your dealer.
  • If you cannot reach your dealer, you may post here or at one of the support forums listed below or contact KNK USA directly.

  • (4) User Forums and Groups:

    The following groups are available for posting questions about your new Maxx Air and sharing experiences:

    KNK USA Forum
    KNK Maxx Yahoo Group
    Klic-N-Kut Yahoo Group

    (5) Latest Suggested Test Cut Settings:

    IMPORTANT: These settings should be used for the initial tests. Adjustments may be necessary based on the condition of the blade, variations in the material, humidity, condition of the cutting mat, blade tip height, etc.

    Suggested Cut Settings for KNK Maxx Air – July 18, 2017
    Suggested Accessory Settings for KNK Maxx Air – February 25, 2014

    (6) MTC Support:

  • To download the latest version of MTC, register your activation pin, or retrieve your registration number, click on this link.
  • To view free videos for learning MTC, click on this link.
  • Support groups and forums for Make The Cut:
  • Make The Cut Yahoo Group
    Make The Cut Forum

    (7) KNK Studio Support:

  • To view free videos for learning KNK Studio, click on this link.
  • Support groups and forums for KNK Studio:
  • Klic-N-Kut Yahoo Group
    KNK USA Forum