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(1) User Manuals:

There are two KNK Force User Manuals: one is based on C3 and the other is based on SCAL. Both are available in PDF format. Note that you may need to refresh your browser screen to see the latest version of these manuals:

KNK Force with C3 User Manual
Updated: March 9, 2018

KNK Force with C3 User Manual

Latest C3 Update

KNK Force with Sure Cuts A Lot User Manual
Updated: February 1, 2018

KNK Force with SCAL User Manual

29 de enero de 2018

KNK Force Manual del Usuario en español

29 de enero de 2018 Capítulos 1-9, 11

KNK Force con SCAL en español

(2) Latest Recommended Settings:

Updated: December 12, 2017:

KNK Force Rotary Tool Calculator

KNK Force Settings for Blade Cutting

KNK Force Settings for Accessories

KNK Force Settings for the Rotary Tool

(3) Video Support:

KNK Force Videos

(4) Other Tutorials:

How the KNK Force is Different from Other Cutters

Hardware Instructions
Reseating the SD Card or Replacing the Raspberry Pi in the KNK Force
Flashing the SD Card (C3 Installation Guide)

Software Instructions
Cutting to the KNK Force from Sure Cuts A Lot
Performing Dual Head Operation in Sure Cuts A Lot
Performing PNC Calibration in Sure Cuts A Lot
Controlling Where Shapes Will Cut in Sure Cuts a Lot


Embossing Aluminum on the KNK Force
Cutting a Vinyl Record on the KNK Force
Carving a Rubber Stamp

(5) Getting Help:

If you have a problem with your KNK Force, please start a support ticket here: or call KNK USA at 800-268-3672. If you do not have a response within 24 hours, post back here with your Ticket Number and I will contact KNK USA directly myself.

(6) User Forums and Groups:

The following groups are available for posting questions about your KNK Force and sharing experiences:

KNK Force Facebook Group

KNK Force Yahoo Group


Klic-N-Kut Yahoo Group

(7) Other Useful Links:

Cutter Punk: Darrel Farris’s Support Page for the KNK Force

KNK Force Blades: Link at KNK USA for blade purchases

KNK Force Accessories: Link at KNK USA for accessory purchases

KNK Force Wish List: submit your suggestions and review those from other owners

71 thoughts on “KNK Force Support Page

  1. No, cutting sheet metal is not one of the recommended applications for the KNK Force. With the optional rotary tool, you can cut acrylic and wood.

    I am located in South Africa. I want to sell my ACS Eagle Ultra Force 24″ for R17,000.00.
    I had it for 2 years and only tried to use it a few times. I have not used it the last year I am not able to get any training and I am not knowledgeable enough to work with it.
    Any one interest WHATS’UP me at 0726902646 South Africa. Also email

  3. quiero comprar una knk force o una knk maxx 24, tienes información del distribuidor en Colombia, gracias

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll get it corrected so it matches the same table that’s in the UM.

  5. KNK Force Rotary Tool Settings document is setup in the wrong page format. The chart is split in two sections over two pages in portrait format. The chart is too wide to display in portrait format. Document needs to have layout changed to landscape format.

  6. That error message means C3 doesn’t consider those reg marks to be acceptable. Are you using the latest version of C3? It’s 0.5.31. Also, when making your reg marks, did you follow the guidelines in Section 6.14?

  7. I am trying to cut profiles around items that i print. I use Corel Draw to do my designs and ideally I would like to print the on my laser printer and then cut them with the knk force. The SVG file provided works well, but when i try t create my own registration marks i can not get it to work. I get the error that the registration layer does not seem to contain a full set of registration marks.

  8. Thanks! I probably would have made that decision myself, but I do appreciate you verifying where you think it should go! 🙂

  9. I made a typo – I meant to put to add the paragraph to the beginning of section 2.03, not 2.02.2

  10. Thanks so much for your input! I will get those changes added to the next release. : )

  11. Sandy, Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I couldn’t find an email address for you so here goes.

    I just spent quite a few hours trying to link my widows 10 laptop to the Force in Standalone mode. (So I’d have it ready to use for the DFW Retreat.) I didn’t have success trying to find the info I needed in the manual or by searching for “Windows 10 Ad Hoc mode” online, but once I found and watched Darrell’s video on his cutterpunk site (KNK Force – Switch from LAN to Standalone Mode) it was quick and easy to accomplish.

    I thought I’d point out where I think the manual could have been clearer to simplify things for others.
    When I searched the manual for “ad hoc” it located “2.02.2 Choosing a Connection Mode” on page 2-2 and then “2.03 Stand-alone (Ad Hoc) Connection” on page 2-4. A search for “stand-alone” finds the same two sections. Neither of these locations explains how to switch from LAN to standalone. First, if the hyphen were removed from “stand-alone” in these sections it would match the way it is spelled in the Force’s network settings and facilitate searches. Also if the information in Section 2.05.1 on page 2-5 (Obtaining the Wi-Fi IP Address – where the manual explains how to switch from standalone to LAN) were added to the beginning of section 2.03, but with the words standalone and LAN switched, it would put the needed information where the search first looks, and make things a lot clearer.

    Add something like this to the beginning of section 2.02.2:

    To change to standalone mode click on the Settings tab at the top of the screen and click on Network Settings. Click the right arrow in the box under Wireless networking mode and change it from LAN to Standalone. The wireless network name and password for standalone mode can also be changed here before clicking on “apply changes”. When the changes have been accepted go to network connections and when the Force’s name appears connect to it and enter your password.

    If possible a mention of Darrell’s video for further assistance might also be of help here.

    Just my 2 cents worth, but I’m pretty computer savvy so I figure if I had that much trouble accomplishing this, then others will too.

    Janene Spratt

  12. Good news, Kathie! Also, another update was released yesterday. Be sure to install it because it corrects an issue with Blade Offset not staying turned on for the cut.

  13. The new update that lets you move the camera is the solution for the problems we were having with the Force last weekend. Thank you KNK for quickly solving the problem with a better than imagined answer.
    Not at all surprising from this dependable Company.


  14. Is it ok to use the included springs on my blade for the force. My blue blade holder has a larger hole than the red one and the blade falls all the way down. If i used it that way it would scratch all material as it protrudes too far even when the carriage is in the upright position. Using a spring holds it in place correctly but I am concerned that the BT would be compromised with having two springs.

  15. yes,
    The reg mark on the right side of the card stock if I understand your question?
    We have realized the camera is off . My son in law who has never seen a Force was able to find a work around so the customer’s order could be completed.
    He found if we always put the card stock at the exact same place on the mat and then put the mat at the exact same place on the Force we could get the camera to capture the corner so we could put the crosses in the right place and get an exact cut.
    We had to calibrate a little more and with a conversion chart he was able to crunch those numbers so they were exact.
    I have pictures as to how far off from the reg mark the blade holder has to be in order for the camera to capture the corner.
    I could not figure out how the line up over the reg mark could be so difficult, then I thought the camera must be off.
    So now we need to know what sort of adjustment needs to be made so the blade holder can be placed directly over the reg mark for the camera to take that needed picture instead of having to put the card stock and the mat in a certain place.
    Hope the explanation is clear. Any idea for further adjustment will be appreciated.

  16. Are you referring to the reg mark? Is the horizontal line always on the left side or on the right side?

  17. On the camera feature, if a horizontal line is consistently photographed, why can I never get a picture of the vertical line?
    The horizontal line may move up or down in the photo. But I have yet to get a corner photo or any picture of that vertical line.
    Centered is centered, you would think by happenstance on occasion vertical the line would be captured.

    Even have used the blade as a reference point as we do on the KNK Maxx no corner picture.

    BTW there are incredible things going on over on the Face Book page sent with the announcement on Friday. Beautiful work by some creative industrious people. Congrats to all!

  18. The accuracy I’m seeing in my testing is remarkable… the most accurate PNC’s ever! Also, with the next update (coming this week, hopefully), you’ll be able to move the camera in case you don’t fully see the reg mark.

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