Judy’s Key Rings

For the Scottsdale Klic-N-Kut Retreat in February, Judy Keating surprised us all with paper cupcakes containing a small flashlight and a cute clay cactus on a key ring. She also had taken the time to create an excellent tutorial on cutting clay on the Klic-N-Kut. Thank you, Judy, for sharing this wonderful tutorial and allowing me to provide it to the readers here. While it was written for the Klic-N-Kut, owners of other cutters should pick up some useful tips, as well.

Judy has also shared the cactus file, which was originally designed by her friend and host of the Scottsdale Retreat, Lynn Keniston. Thanks to Lynn and Judy for generously sharing your work. And…. Judy shared the cupcake wrapper file, as well, that was made by welding this cute cactus to her template.

PDF Tutorial on Cutting Clay

Cactus Die Cut in KNK Format
Cactus Die Cut in SVG Format

Cactus Cupcake Wrapper in KNK Format
Cactus Cupcake Wrapper in SVG Format

10 Reasons to Own a Klic-N-Kut Maxx or KNK Groove-E

1. Higher Cutting Force: With over 800g of cutting force in the KNK Groove-E and over 950g in the Klic-N-Kut Maxx, you have the power to cut a wide range of materials, from gift wrapping tissue paper to 0.02” styrene, from wall vinyl to most chipboard. Be sure to check out the photos in the Gallery section of this site: 20+ Materials You Can Cut with a KNK

2. Faster Speed: No worries about waiting painfully long times for projects to cut or watching your cutter go into Pause mode to cool down. Our cutters will cut faster than even suitable for most materials or as slow as you need! This gives you the control to cut at just the right speed for your project.

3. Excellent Construction: The Klic-N-Kuts are made almost entirely of metal, making them strong, durable, dependable machines designed to cut day after day, month after month, year after year.

4. Latest Features: Our machines come with bolt-on tables which can extend, unsupported, beyond a desk or table to free up space. The fully-adjustable blade holder seat allows you to insert virtually any blade holder you own, as well as, pens, markers, embossing styluses and more. For accurate print-and-cut applications, the Groove-E comes with an insertable alignment pin while the Maxx models have a built-in laser alignment light.

5. Available Accessories: Besides receiving a regular blade and thick materials blade, you can also purchase a punch tool, engraving tool, sliver blade, and fabric blade, all of which widen the applications possible in your crafting. Photos using some of these tools may be seen at: Creations Using Accessories in the KNK. There are also three sizes of mats (carrier sheets) available or you can order one to be custom cut to the dimensions you need.

6. Exceptional Software: It’s impossible to even list the enormous number of functions plus bells and whistles available in KNK Studio. Suffice it to say that if you can imagine it, you can design it! Our customers find KNK Studio more than able to meet their needs without resorting to any other graphics programs. Time and again, I hear reports back that KNK Studio is addictive! The latest version has a vectorization wizard for excellent color or monochromatic tracing of raster clipart, including images you scan from magazines or small images you copy/paste from Internet sites. The built-in jogging function provides accurate print and cut actions using a three-registration mark process. And there are dozens of ways to customize images and text to make your own unique designs.

7. Wide Availability of Free Files: The software comes with over 4000 cutting files plus many of our wonderful customers have freely shared their creations over the past 3 years at message boards and Yahoo groups. You can also import a wide variety of vector formats to have ready-to-cut files, such as .ai, .eps, .wmf, .dxf, and even vector .pdf. These files can then be easily edited or cut as-is.

8. Detailed Documentation: The Klic-N-Kut Maxx/Groove-E User Manual contains over 100 pages of step-by-step tutorials, screen shots, and recommended procedures to make it a comprehensive guide for learning and referencing.

9. Vast Experience: Accugraphic Sales, Inc is the company behind the Klic-N-Kut and has over 25 years of experience in the digital die cutting business. Machines ship from their Florida-based facility and, in the rare event of a mechanical problem, all repairs are handled by them at the same location.

10. Superb Customer Support: All KNK dealers sign a contract agreeing to learn the machine and provide basic hardware and software support. Personally, I go a mile further than that by providing free videos and customized free classes to my KNK customers by phone and VNC so they learn (1) how to operate their new KNK, (2) the basics of using the software, and (3) the principles of cutting. Time and again, I see those who invest the time in these classes get launched to success with their new KNK and begin creating and cutting everything in their dreams! It can’t get any better than that!

For more information on the Klic-N-Kuts, click on the Comparison Charts tab or the Shop tab. Note that in order to receive the additional educational support package, you will need to contact me in advance of the sale so that you will be noted as one of my customers. I can be reached at: smccauley45@cox.net .

ACS Eagle and ACS Falcon

I want you to know about two new Digital Die Cutters now being sold by Accugraphic Sales: the 15″ ACS Falcon with 1200g of cutting force:


and the 24″ ACS Eagle, with a WHOPPING 1500g of cutting force!


I haven’t previously mentioned them because I’ve been busy completing the User Manual for these two new machines and introducing rhinestone applications to the KNK world.  But now I’m ready to add the ACS  to the line of cutters that I sell on commission with Accugraphic and note that I will be providing the same high level of technical support for ACS Systems that I give to my KNK customers, with additional hours of free training to help make the customers successful:

(1)   Setup and installation and learning to cut, by phone/VNC… up to 90 minutes long

(2)   Additional phone/VNC classes, whenever you need them, to cover any additional ACS topics of interest. Please refer to Current Specials, as well as, the Comparison Charts to see what each cutter package includes.

(3)   You receive a certain number of the KNK Studio videos I sell in my store for free – again please refer to Current Specials, as well as, the Comparison Charts to see what each cutter package includes.

(4)   I have a Yahoo group for my own customers called I Love KNK… you get invited to join that group

(5)   I’m typically available 7 days a week by email, so you can always email me privately with any questions and I’ll respond within 24 hours… although usually MUCH sooner than that!  : )

(6)   And, finally, I help my customers with any designing needs… you get stuck on a file… you can just email it to me and I’ll tell you what you need to do.

These cutters come with ACS Studio and 10 rhinestone fonts. The software is dongled and contains an extra rhinestone designing feature (compared to KNK Studio) for filling images in any of 6 pattern choices.

If you visit  Accugraphic’s site, www.knkusa.com, you’ll see that they are also now offering the current KNK Maxx models, packaged with the new ACS Studio,  for those customers primarily interested in using the Maxx for rhinestone applications.

Please feel free to comment or post questions here OR send them to me privately at smccauley45@cox.net.  If  you decide to purchase a cutter  from either KNKUSA (ScrapbookDieCutter) and want my support package, then please notify me in advance of your purchase, and I can let Accugraphic know you will be my designated customer.

I’m really excited to be expanding my horizons with these new cutters and helping those who will be using them in both business and hobby activities.

Raleigh KNK Retreat: More Info!


The KNK Celebrations Retreat!
Friday, October 23 – Sunday, October 25
Raleigh, North Carolina

Have an AMAZING Klic-N-Kut weekend experience! This retreat is all about using Klic-N-Kut Studio with your die cutter to create virtually anything you need for celebrating holidays and special events in your life. Six classes and three demos will cover a range of designing techniques and cutting materials to create gifts, decorations, and other entertaining goodies…. But also note that the information you learn will apply to most any hobby using your cutters. Details below!

The event will be held in the new Holiday Inn-Raleigh-Durham airport with a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. We have a 1700 square foot room with outlet access in the floor as well as in the walls. While we encourage you to bring a laptop and your cutter, it is certainly not a requirement for attendance as we will have extras available and we can arrange for sharing amongst everyone.

The cost of the event is $375 plus your hotel room. If you live locally you are not required to stay at the hotel. Our room rate for Friday and Saturday nights is $79 per night. The rate for Thursday night is $109. The $375 includes 5 meals, snacks, free goodies, all classes and demos, and cutting materials. We plan to begin at 3 pm on Friday with an Open House and KNK demonstration, however we have the room beginning first thing on Friday morning through Sunday night for anyone wanting to use it for cropping. Only the first 20 participants will be accepted and we will have a waiting list in case of cancellations. To reserve a spot, please Paypal $100 to: bcreech469@aol.com. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, please contact Barbie at this email address for further information. Final payment will be due by September 30.

Every room at the hotel has free high speed Internet, a small fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and 27” flat screen TV. To make your hotel reservations, contact Shannon Seibert at the Holiday Inn. Her phone number is 919-655-1150 or 919-465-1910 or FAX @ 919-465-1908.

Tentative Classes:

(1) Welding Wizardry: The welding tools in KNK Studio offer so much more than just creating merged titles. Learn how ALL three tools can be used to personalize your projects and create unique designs.

(2) Meta-What?: One of the hidden treasures in KNK Studio is the Metamorphosis tool. In this class, I’ll teach how to effectively use this simple function in a number of different ways to create patterns both for cutting and for printing.

(3) Pop-ups and Fold-ups: In this class, we’ll explore different ways to create pop-up designs and other folded projects to use for greeting cards, place-cards, gift boxes, and bags.

(4) Text-ra Special II: Similar to the Text-ra Special class taught in St. Louis, more amazing text tricks will be presented with a special emphasis on our Celebrations theme!

(5) Etching to Have Fun?: Learn the ins and outs of etching, from creating your designs in KNK Studio, to cutting the vinyl and applying the cream. This is an inexpensive way to create dazzling gifts for friends and family.

(6) Tracing Secrets and Stick Figure Designs: Learn simpler ways to trace images and design holiday-themed graphics for cutting.


(1) Rhinestone Applications: See the process from start to finish as a template is cut and filled with rhinestones to transfer and iron onto fabric

(2) T-Shirt Transfers: A design will be cut from T-Shirt transfer vinyl and then weeded and ironed onto a shirt.

(3) Masking Stencils: Stencils will be cut from acetate and used for decorating various materials.

Please post if you have questions OR email us at the following:
For questions about hotel, making payments, special needs, please contact Barbie Creech at: bcreech469@aol.com.

For questions about the content of the classes and demos, please contact Sandy McCauley at: smccauley45@cox.net.

Hope to see you in Raleigh!!!

Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner


Today’s video is for Lisa S who was having some issues with the Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner functions in KNK Studio. Round corner can be a little finicky… the default setting of 0.2 for corner radius is way too high. I recommend immediately resetting that to 0.02. That will give you a lot more control over the look of your rounding. Also, you have to do the outer corners and inner corners separately. Fillet Round Corner is more straight-forward. It appears that it picks up the settings from Round Corner automatically. And you can individually click on inner and outer corners without leaving the window and re-entering.

Here’s the video: Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner

Also, I covered Fillet Round Corner in a previous post here for those who missed it. In this video I show how to design a file folder shape using this handy function: Designing a File Folder

As always, post if you have any questions!

Klic-N-Kut Mother’s Day Specials!

From now through Friday, May 22, I am offering free KNK Studio Video CD’s with the purchase of the following products:

  • Buy KNK Studio GE and receive your choice of 1 KNK Studio CD.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut Groove-E and receive your choice of any 2 KNK Studio CD’s.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut 15″ Maxx and receive your choice of any 3 KNK Studio CD’s.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut 24″ Maxx and receive ALL 4 KNK Studio CD’s!

  • Click on the tab above labeled “Videos On CD” to review the contents of each CD. Purchases must be made at Scrapbook Die Cutter and your name, order number, mailing address, and CD choice(s) submitted to me, by email, no later than 2 days after purchase. Your CD will be mailed to you directly from me within 3 business days. My email address is: smccauley45@cox.net

    I will extend this offer back to those who have already made the above purchases through me since April 1, 2009. You will receive a link to download your CD choice(s) from my server, rather than receive the CD by mail.

    Oh… and one more thing… you do NOT have to be a MOM to receive this offer… it applies to everyone! : )