Going Wireless!

A big announcement came from KNK USA today! At the end of October, the first Bluetooth KNK’s will begin shipping!

I cannot count the number of times customers have asked me if there would ever be a wireless Klic-N-Kut and I always responded, “I doubt it.” Alas, I was wrong! The time has arrived and I’ve been told that it is working flawlessly. I cannot wait to get one!

Going wireless means that owners can set up their KNK Maxx Air anywhere within ~ 30 feet of their computer and not be burdened with the USB or serial cable previously needed. This will certainly lead to an entirely new arrangement within my own office/craftroom and I can’t wait to do that. For anyone preferring to stick with the old school connection, no problem! A USB cable and serial cable will both continue to be provided with every Maxx Air shipped. For those who do not have Bluetooth already available in their computer, an adaptor will be provided for free by KNK USA.

Bluetooth technology is not the only enhancement to the latest Maxx product line. The Maxx Air will also feature:

  • A more powerful motor for faster and quieter cutting.
  • The maximum cutting speed will now be 800 mm/sec compared to our previous 600 mm/sec.
  • There will be 168 cutting speeds, which will be more than sufficient for any application, from cutting very thick dense materials to drawing or engraving at super fast, time-saving speeds.
  • The maximum cutting force is now at 1500g with more settings (255 versus the previous 160).This will keep me busy for the first few months, as I will need to retest the wide range of materials capable of being cut on our machines. Just as with the previous KNK’s, I want to provide a detailed table of recommended cut settings so that new owners have a good starting point for their test cuts.
  • The control panel on the new Maxx Air will feature a few other changes:

  • Pressing the Origin button while online will toggle the laser on and off. This will make it much faster than the previous method of needing to go Offline and pressing the Menu button before pressing Origin.
  • A menu setting called Dwell which will delay the start of a cut. This function will be used with the future rotary tool where a delay is needed so that the tool has a chance to drill down to the depth needed for the engraving of metal or wood.
  • A menu setting called Soft Landing which will change the force used when the blade is first dropped to penetrate the material.
  • These new models will come with the same outstanding features as our prior models, including:

  • Bolt-on flatbed tables
  • A fully-adjustable blade holder seat (which permit a wide use of pens, markers, and other accessory tools)
  • Adjustable pinch rollers
  • A large (13″ x 22″) extra-thick long-lasting cutting mat
  • A built-in laser for spot-on print and cut applications
  • The $300 bonus package of free blades, crafting tools, and miscellaneous cutting materials will also continue to be shipped with every Maxx Air NOTE: the $300 bonus was discontinued when the price of the 15″ Maxx Air was decreased from $950 to $799.
  • Superb technical support, customer service, and educational resources: I will be writing the user manual for the new Maxx Air and providing tutorial videos, as needed. 😛
  • To further compare how the new Maxx Air compares to the prior Maxx models and to the amaZing Zing, view the comparison table updates also available here at this site. Be sure to also check out the opportunity to save $50 on the new Maxx Air by putting down a $100 deposit in advance of shipping. Go to KNK USA and then click on Maxx Air, in the left column, to learn more.

    Team KNK and More!

    Recently, the division of my time has been greatly altered… in a very good way, though!

    I’m working now part-time as a project coordinator for Accugraphic Sales, the maker of the Klic-N-Kut machines that I so adore! I’ve been helping with the new Zing release as well as heading up a new team of KNK designers who are sharing some wonderful projects at our new blog site: Team KNK!

    Here are the first few weeks of projects so that you can quickly catch up! : ) Note that there are links to free cutting files provided in some of these posts!

    Fun Foam Doll – by Omayra

    Vinyl Graduation Tile – by Nancy

    Seashell Cupcake Wrappers – by Judy

    Vinyl Lemonade Stand – by Lynn K

    Pocket Card – by Elizabeth

    Fall Leaves Layout – by Susan Mast

    Happy Birthday USA (Iron-On plus Block Decorated with Vinyl) – by Barbie

    Chip the Horse (layered chipboard) – by Michele

    Fun Foam Storks – by Omarya

    Chad’s Sale Tag – by Chad Younblut

    Aye Matey… – by Deb Manus

    Seashell Cards – by Judy Kay

    Cowboy Caviar Recipe Layout – by Yours Truly!

    10 Reasons to Own a Klic-N-Kut Maxx or KNK Groove-E

    1. Higher Cutting Force: With over 800g of cutting force in the KNK Groove-E and over 950g in the Klic-N-Kut Maxx, you have the power to cut a wide range of materials, from gift wrapping tissue paper to 0.02” styrene, from wall vinyl to most chipboard. Be sure to check out the photos in the Gallery section of this site: 20+ Materials You Can Cut with a KNK

    2. Faster Speed: No worries about waiting painfully long times for projects to cut or watching your cutter go into Pause mode to cool down. Our cutters will cut faster than even suitable for most materials or as slow as you need! This gives you the control to cut at just the right speed for your project.

    3. Excellent Construction: The Klic-N-Kuts are made almost entirely of metal, making them strong, durable, dependable machines designed to cut day after day, month after month, year after year.

    4. Latest Features: Our machines come with bolt-on tables which can extend, unsupported, beyond a desk or table to free up space. The fully-adjustable blade holder seat allows you to insert virtually any blade holder you own, as well as, pens, markers, embossing styluses and more. For accurate print-and-cut applications, the Groove-E comes with an insertable alignment pin while the Maxx models have a built-in laser alignment light.

    5. Available Accessories: Besides receiving a regular blade and thick materials blade, you can also purchase a punch tool, engraving tool, sliver blade, and fabric blade, all of which widen the applications possible in your crafting. Photos using some of these tools may be seen at: Creations Using Accessories in the KNK. There are also three sizes of mats (carrier sheets) available or you can order one to be custom cut to the dimensions you need.

    6. Exceptional Software: It’s impossible to even list the enormous number of functions plus bells and whistles available in KNK Studio. Suffice it to say that if you can imagine it, you can design it! Our customers find KNK Studio more than able to meet their needs without resorting to any other graphics programs. Time and again, I hear reports back that KNK Studio is addictive! The latest version has a vectorization wizard for excellent color or monochromatic tracing of raster clipart, including images you scan from magazines or small images you copy/paste from Internet sites. The built-in jogging function provides accurate print and cut actions using a three-registration mark process. And there are dozens of ways to customize images and text to make your own unique designs.

    7. Wide Availability of Free Files: The software comes with over 4000 cutting files plus many of our wonderful customers have freely shared their creations over the past 3 years at message boards and Yahoo groups. You can also import a wide variety of vector formats to have ready-to-cut files, such as .ai, .eps, .wmf, .dxf, and even vector .pdf. These files can then be easily edited or cut as-is.

    8. Detailed Documentation: The Klic-N-Kut Maxx/Groove-E User Manual contains over 100 pages of step-by-step tutorials, screen shots, and recommended procedures to make it a comprehensive guide for learning and referencing.

    9. Vast Experience: Accugraphic Sales, Inc is the company behind the Klic-N-Kut and has over 25 years of experience in the digital die cutting business. Machines ship from their Florida-based facility and, in the rare event of a mechanical problem, all repairs are handled by them at the same location.

    10. Superb Customer Support: All KNK dealers sign a contract agreeing to learn the machine and provide basic hardware and software support. Personally, I go a mile further than that by providing free videos and customized free classes to my KNK customers by phone and VNC so they learn (1) how to operate their new KNK, (2) the basics of using the software, and (3) the principles of cutting. Time and again, I see those who invest the time in these classes get launched to success with their new KNK and begin creating and cutting everything in their dreams! It can’t get any better than that!

    For more information on the Klic-N-Kuts, click on the Comparison Charts tab or the Shop tab. Note that in order to receive the additional educational support package, you will need to contact me in advance of the sale so that you will be noted as one of my customers. I can be reached at: smccauley45@cox.net .

    ACS Eagle and ACS Falcon

    I want you to know about two new Digital Die Cutters now being sold by Accugraphic Sales: the 15″ ACS Falcon with 1200g of cutting force:


    and the 24″ ACS Eagle, with a WHOPPING 1500g of cutting force!


    I haven’t previously mentioned them because I’ve been busy completing the User Manual for these two new machines and introducing rhinestone applications to the KNK world.  But now I’m ready to add the ACS  to the line of cutters that I sell on commission with Accugraphic and note that I will be providing the same high level of technical support for ACS Systems that I give to my KNK customers, with additional hours of free training to help make the customers successful:

    (1)   Setup and installation and learning to cut, by phone/VNC… up to 90 minutes long

    (2)   Additional phone/VNC classes, whenever you need them, to cover any additional ACS topics of interest. Please refer to Current Specials, as well as, the Comparison Charts to see what each cutter package includes.

    (3)   You receive a certain number of the KNK Studio videos I sell in my store for free – again please refer to Current Specials, as well as, the Comparison Charts to see what each cutter package includes.

    (4)   I have a Yahoo group for my own customers called I Love KNK… you get invited to join that group

    (5)   I’m typically available 7 days a week by email, so you can always email me privately with any questions and I’ll respond within 24 hours… although usually MUCH sooner than that!  : )

    (6)   And, finally, I help my customers with any designing needs… you get stuck on a file… you can just email it to me and I’ll tell you what you need to do.

    These cutters come with ACS Studio and 10 rhinestone fonts. The software is dongled and contains an extra rhinestone designing feature (compared to KNK Studio) for filling images in any of 6 pattern choices.

    If you visit  Accugraphic’s site, www.knkusa.com, you’ll see that they are also now offering the current KNK Maxx models, packaged with the new ACS Studio,  for those customers primarily interested in using the Maxx for rhinestone applications.

    Please feel free to comment or post questions here OR send them to me privately at smccauley45@cox.net.  If  you decide to purchase a cutter  from either KNKUSA (ScrapbookDieCutter) and want my support package, then please notify me in advance of your purchase, and I can let Accugraphic know you will be my designated customer.

    I’m really excited to be expanding my horizons with these new cutters and helping those who will be using them in both business and hobby activities.

    Klic-N-Kut Mother’s Day Specials!

    From now through Friday, May 22, I am offering free KNK Studio Video CD’s with the purchase of the following products:

  • Buy KNK Studio GE and receive your choice of 1 KNK Studio CD.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut Groove-E and receive your choice of any 2 KNK Studio CD’s.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut 15″ Maxx and receive your choice of any 3 KNK Studio CD’s.
  • Buy a Klic-N-Kut 24″ Maxx and receive ALL 4 KNK Studio CD’s!

  • Click on the tab above labeled “Videos On CD” to review the contents of each CD. Purchases must be made at Scrapbook Die Cutter and your name, order number, mailing address, and CD choice(s) submitted to me, by email, no later than 2 days after purchase. Your CD will be mailed to you directly from me within 3 business days. My email address is: smccauley45@cox.net

    I will extend this offer back to those who have already made the above purchases through me since April 1, 2009. You will receive a link to download your CD choice(s) from my server, rather than receive the CD by mail.

    Oh… and one more thing… you do NOT have to be a MOM to receive this offer… it applies to everyone! : )

    Importing GST and GSD Files into KNK Studio

    Today I’m covering TWO topics that have been brought up by customers. The first is importing the GST template files that come with Craft Robo’s RoboMaster, Silhouette RoboMaster, and Wishblade Advance 3.0. The other is importing GSD files into KNK Studio.

    With the GST files, we’ve had great success with the imports. I’m sure it has to do with how they are originally created but they all seem to work. Even the GST files purchased from Quickutz through their Silhouette software will import readily once the file extension is changed to a GSD. Here’s the video showing you how to do this:

    Importing GST Files into KNK Studio

    However, the GSD’s that are created from the umpteen different ways possible: manually drawn in various versions of RoboMaster, auto-traced in various versions of RoboMaster, imported from Inkscape, imported from Adobe Illustrator, imported from Win PC Sign, etc, all yield variations and only some will successfully import. However, it’s always worth trying the import before using one of the several conversion methods. But you have to watch out… sometimes it will import and not seem to be there or will only partially import, or will import with gaps in the vector paths.

    So the following video shows you 6 different circumstances you might encounter when importing GSD’s. If you find something else quirky happening, be sure to send me the file. I’m happy to have a look and maybe I’ll learn something else to share here.

    Importing GSD Files into KNK Studio