Reducing Nodes AND Lori’s Internet Store

Congratulations to Lori G on the launch of her web site,, selling her beautiful cutting files in .knk, .svg, and .gsd formats!

Lori contacted me a few weeks ago about the best way to reduce nodes in the file shown above. As all of the file designers know, it’s not critical having a lot of nodes in a KNK file as it will cut quickly and smoothly to digital die cutters. However, a file with hundreds of nodes is NOT handled nearly as well when cutting to a Cricut, Silhouette, Wishblade, or Craft Robo. So, I showed Lori, in a video, how I would handle reducing the nodes in this file and then decided the video I made should be posted to my blog and shared with all of you! Even if you’re not a file designer, you could be creating files that you’d like to share with your friends or family members who own the other cutters mentioned above. So, take note of how nodes can be eliminated without compromising the file itself.

Here’s a link to the video: Reducing Nodes

I wish Lori the very best with her new Internet store!

Importing GST and GSD Files into KNK Studio

Today I’m covering TWO topics that have been brought up by customers. The first is importing the GST template files that come with Craft Robo’s RoboMaster, Silhouette RoboMaster, and Wishblade Advance 3.0. The other is importing GSD files into KNK Studio.

With the GST files, we’ve had great success with the imports. I’m sure it has to do with how they are originally created but they all seem to work. Even the GST files purchased from Quickutz through their Silhouette software will import readily once the file extension is changed to a GSD. Here’s the video showing you how to do this:

Importing GST Files into KNK Studio

However, the GSD’s that are created from the umpteen different ways possible: manually drawn in various versions of RoboMaster, auto-traced in various versions of RoboMaster, imported from Inkscape, imported from Adobe Illustrator, imported from Win PC Sign, etc, all yield variations and only some will successfully import. However, it’s always worth trying the import before using one of the several conversion methods. But you have to watch out… sometimes it will import and not seem to be there or will only partially import, or will import with gaps in the vector paths.

So the following video shows you 6 different circumstances you might encounter when importing GSD’s. If you find something else quirky happening, be sure to send me the file. I’m happy to have a look and maybe I’ll learn something else to share here.

Importing GSD Files into KNK Studio

Importing EPS Files and Reducing Nodes

The other day, at one of the KNK Yahoo groups, I posted some new links to web sites with free vector graphics. Kylee, one of the group members, contacted me asking for some help with how to import and use these images. She had chosen one of the free files, which is TRULY a jewel to find! Above is a beautiful set of ornamental designs by Garcya available at:

Designus – Free Ornamental Design

So, Kylee wanted to know how to pick just one of the images to cut. So, I made a quick video showing the process and, at the same time, decided to add in a little bit on reducing nodes and also simplifying the image. Enjoy and let me know if you have questions!