Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner


Today’s video is for Lisa S who was having some issues with the Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner functions in KNK Studio. Round corner can be a little finicky… the default setting of 0.2 for corner radius is way too high. I recommend immediately resetting that to 0.02. That will give you a lot more control over the look of your rounding. Also, you have to do the outer corners and inner corners separately. Fillet Round Corner is more straight-forward. It appears that it picks up the settings from Round Corner automatically. And you can individually click on inner and outer corners without leaving the window and re-entering.

Here’s the video: Round Corner and Fillet Round Corner

Also, I covered Fillet Round Corner in a previous post here for those who missed it. In this video I show how to design a file folder shape using this handy function: Designing a File Folder

As always, post if you have any questions!