One of my customers, Kylee, contacted me with a file of a stick man that she wanted to be able to cut out. She had obtained a file from a friend in Brazil and the image was made up of mostly single lines that wouldn’t actually be cut out pieces if you sent it directly to a cutter. In other words, Kylee needed to go from the figure on the left to the figure on the right.

I show, in today’s video, the complete process used to convert Kylee’s Stick Man, i.e. how to use the Round Corner function in KNK Studio to convert single lines to actual closed shapes that can then be welded together to create a single die cut.

If you’re not into stick people, this same process can be used in other applications, such as designing your own rickrack.
The complete steps for this process are covered in the “36 Tidbits Not in the User Manual” video I sell at: