Overlay Designing Part 2

CeCe contacted me a few weeks ago after designing and test cutting her overlay to find out how to get the various elements on her overlap to be more evenly centered. I helped her and made a note of how this could be a useful video for others. Even if you aren’t doing an overlay, these same techniques could be use for a greeting card design or other applications.

After finishing the video, I realized that I didn’t make it clear that to bring up the Edit Guidelines window, you need to make sure no objects are selected. So, click away to do that and then RIGHT click on your Sign Blank to open that window. If you have any questions about this video, feel free to post!

Parlez-Vous Français?

One of my customers, Karine, wrote a KNK Studio tutorial in French for her mother as a birthday gift and sent it to me, as well, in case I have any French-speaking customers who could benefit from it. Thank you so very much, Karine. I truly appreciate receiving this document! Here’s a link for anyone wanting to download it:

COM Ports and the KNK

This is a video I should have made a year ago! Why I didn’t, I have NO idea… sure would have helped customers AND made my life a little easier as well! 🙂

It’s a quick video that covers the following:

1. How to look up your COM port assignment
2. How to set that COM port assignment in KNK Studio
3. How to change your COM port assignment:

Setting Up COM Port on an XP Computer
Setting Up COM Port on a Windows 7 Computer

Let me know if you have questions!

Erasing Line Segments

Jo, a member of the Klic-N-Kut Yahoo group, needed assistance with erasing line segments in a bookplate file she was designing. Because she was trying to adjoin an open arc to a closed rectangle, it wasn’t possible to simply weld one to the other to remove the portion of the rectangle not needed.
But not to worry… there is a feature inside the polyarc editing mode which makes it simple to erase line segments that aren’t needed. This video shows you how:

If you like this feature, then you’ll equally enjoy the many others in that same editing mode. I sell a downloadable video called “The Power of Polyarc Editing” which details each of the functions in this mode and also comes with a pdf printout guide to help you remember how to use the tools AND sample files (in both .knk and .gra formats) that are used in the video to show how each tools works. Here is a link to that video: