Overlay Designing Part 2

CeCe contacted me a few weeks ago after designing and test cutting her overlay to find out how to get the various elements on her overlap to be more evenly centered. I helped her and made a note of how this could be a useful video for others. Even if you aren’t doing an overlay, these same techniques could be use for a greeting card design or other applications.

After finishing the video, I realized that I didn’t make it clear that to bring up the Edit Guidelines window, you need to make sure no objects are selected. So, click away to do that and then RIGHT click on your Sign Blank to open that window. If you have any questions about this video, feel free to post!

A 12" Overlay Cut On an 8" (or 9") Cutter

Thanks to Sharon M for allowing me to post her layout below. She has an 8″ Graphtec cutter but was able to create this overlay by using the Ginsu Knife tool in Klic-N-Kut Studio to cut the overlay vertically in half, and then cut the two pieces separately. She then used the wreath die cut and the gift die cut to hide the seams. This is VERY clever and a great way to achieve a 12″ x 12″ overlay with a cutter limited to 8″ (Craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade, Pazzles Mini) or 9″ (KNK Element).