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Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, plastic, fabric, iron-on, foil, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, software, videos and other information related to the Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters.If you are just now learning about Klic-N-Kut, check out the Klic-N-Kut Info section of this site.If you are a current KNK owner and need some help, check out the Support section of this site.

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In the store at this site, I sell KNK Studio software videos.

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I am an affiliate seller for:
* Scrappy Dew's SCAL Video Training If you are an owner of SCAL and need help, I highly recommend this program which includes over 4 hours of online videos you can watch at your leisure.


Need some inspiration? Check out the Team KNK blog where talented KNK owners present never-before-published creations made with their cutters. New projects are posted several times per week.



I have known Sandy since the first KNK came onto the market. She has alway been their to help me and has been an invaluable source of support. I have all her software teaching video's. A must have for any newbie. Sandy doesn't assume just because she knows it, everybody else does. Everything is explained so that you can clearly understand what is going on. Thank you Sandy for all the hard work you put into helping us all continually learn.


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January 2021

Papers and Pixels

Time and again, my students and customers tell me they learn better visually. Thus, the best learning tools are videos you can play on your PC, so that you can pause and reproduce exactly what you are seeing in your own copy of the software. Even better, my videos are yours to replay as many times as you need and even come with the same sample files I use in the videos. One of my customers, after only a few weeks of getting her Klic-N-Kut and purchasing my video package, was designing with success! Check out this post: Papillon Digital Designs

So, wait no longer… get started understanding and mastering your software! To save money, you can also purchase the same videos in subject grouping on CD: Buying Training Videos on CD Note that you may still download these CDs immediately after purchasing, if you prefer! I will create a private folder for your convenience.

For a quick look at the types of videos you will be getting, the following two videos apply to all versions of the software and can be downloaded for free:

Rulers, Grid and Smart Bar – Video 4
Toolbars and Palettes – Video 5

Then have a look at the following chart to view the available videos sold below and a suggested viewing order within each topic area:

Video Viewing Order


Basic Series

Text Series

Tracing Series

Editing Series

Designing Series


  1. Sandy McCauley

    So sorry for the delay, Gary! Certainly, the material can be cut with a digital die cutter and the rectangular hole should look fine. The issue is this: Are you wanting to insert the entire shirt into the cutter and then only cut out in one location? That could be a problem because of the bulkiness of the shirt. It would probaby catch on the outside pinch wheels although maybe the 24″ Zing Orbit would be wide enough to allow room for the rest of the shirt to be folded in a way as not to interfere with the cutting.

  2. Gary Whitemiller

    Dear Sandy:
    Hopefully you can give me advice (assuming that this link is still usable.) Anyways, I want to cut a rectangular hole in a man’s white dress shirt. Lasers don’t work because it leaves a sear mark…probably do to it being partially cotton. I looked at Cricuts, but saw many negative reviews. All I want to do is to cut a small rectangle on a mens white dress shirt. I tried making a punch…I need a machine for accuracy and quality. Can you suggest anything? Sincerely, Gary

  3. Tonya D Clinkscale


    My MAXX Air has a huge learning curve. Do you have step-by-step tutorials I can use. If so, I would like to purchase the whole set.

  4. Sandy McCauley

    Are you usng KNK Studio or Make The Cut for the software?

  5. Patricia Chuah

    Hi sandy, I bought a KNK Max 24 (ACS 24 HF) sometime ago and and is starting to use it. I like to draw my designs do you have a step by step tutorial software to purchase.

  6. Sandy McCauley

    I can do that! The next time you want to order one or more videos, email me and we’ll work it out. I’ll consider the $9.99 to be credit balance. My email is


    Hello Sandy I orderd your video on auto tracing for some reason it charge me twice the cost was 9.99 and I paid 19.98 I’m not looking for a refund for the extra 9.99 because you have lots of videos I wish to order. Maybe you can credit the 9.99 towards my next purchase please email me with a solution Thanks in advance.

  8. Sandy McCauley

    Thanks for letting me know! I had to update WordPress and I’m guessing something got broken during the process. If you will send me the list of videos you wish to purchase, along with your Paypal address, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice directly. My email is:

    Just to confirm… you using KNK Studio and not Make The Cut, right? These videos in the store are for KNK Studio.

  9. Nelida Visintin

    Hello Sandy,
    I try to buy several download videos, I choose them but I can´t pay my purchase.
    When I try to pay, sugestions appears but nothing related with payment. Could you please help to me? Thank you in advance. Regards.

  10. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Jose,

    The KNK Maxx Air might be able to cut PETG which is that thick. KNK USA will be happy to test cut a sample you send to them using shapes of your choice. Would it possible for you to mail them a sample?

  11. Jose Joaquin Prieto Cruz

    Do you have a electronic machine to cut PETG in 0.80 mm. to 1.00 mm. ?


  12. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Julie,

    That’s odd about the email getting delayed. But no problem. I’ll email you from a different account. I issued a Paypal invoice to the email address you provided for Paypal so you should receive an email at that particular address. You just click on the link and it will take you to Paypal to pay. Or you can log into your Paypal account and you should see a request for payment in the main account window. Thank you so much and please contact me any time you have a question! You can reach me at any of the follow emails besides the one:

  13. Julie Eaton

    Hi Sandy,
    I emailed you yesterday in regards to purchasing all the KNK Studio videos, I have sent three replies but I keep getting a response that delivery is delayed.
    In response to your email;
    Yes I have KNK Studio and make the cut, I like KNK studio for certain things haven’t quiet managed make the cut yet, I don’t think I have spent the time to learn enough about the program.
    The downloads will be fine I will put them on a usb.
    Not sure what you mean when you say to send pay pal address? Sorry I usually just click the prompts when I use paypal so this is a bit different.

    Pal Pay email:
    or – (this is my primary email address at present)

    Thanks Julie

  14. Sandy McCauley

    Those videos are all for KNK Studio, our earlier software. Your Zing works with Make The Cut. : )

  15. Starr Denise Cosby

    Clipart viewer 26
    Hello Sandy
    I was reading where the clipart viewer 26 would be Free if I purchased my zing from you. Is that special still available?
    See u soon for my monthly workshop webinars.

  16. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Evalena! The training videos are related to KNK Studio and you received some of them for attending the KNK Retreat in St. Louis! I can give you a link to download those again. As for learning the Maxx, check out the videos here:

    Specifically, in the third section down, top six videos would be good to watch if it’s been a while since you used your KNK. For more specific instructions on cutting, feel free to email me and we can set up some time on the phone since you automatically received a free one hour class for attending the retreat. : ) My email is

  17. Evalena Duncan

    Sandy, I am wanting to purchase your learning videos bu I don’t see any specific to the KNK Maxx. Would there be any just for the Maxx? I would appreciate it if you would guide me to the videosnthat would help me master the Maxx. Also do you sell any video packages?

  18. Marie D'Allessandro

    Sandy, I am having the most difficult time retrieving your video with the rhinestone “mom” template that you demo-ed for make the cut software. Can you help me locate it again please, please????

  19. Sandy McCauley

    I used our engraving tool to carve lines into styrene for a brick texture.

  20. Nicholas Geti

    It appears that this machine will only cut 2-dimensional shapes. Is this true? For my model railroading structures I would like to carve textures in styrene to represent stone walls and bricks. Not just flat pictures.

  21. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Beth!

    Download the MTC trial version and then start reading tutorials

    and playing with the software and reading posts at the MTC forum:

    The more you learn now, the easier time you’ll have in learning to cut with your new Zing! I’m very excited for you! Chad at Accugraphic is telling me just how amaZING the new Zing is working during his tests. I can’t wait to have one to play with!

  22. Beth Sommers

    HI Sandy-
    I am a teacher who is very excited about the concept of printing and cutting, esp. for bulletin boards! I need to learn MTC software (I heard it’s the most user-friendly) and have just pre-ordered my first cutter – the KNK Zing. Yippee!! I’ve never had an ecutter (other than a Cricut for lettering on bulletin boards, posters, etc.). Where/how do I begin learning?
    Thanks so much for whatever help you can provide! Have you heard anything about the Zing? and it’s learning curve??
    Beth 🙂

  23. Sandy McCauley

    Until MTC has the ability to draw curves, I think you’re far better off using KNK Studio for designing your cupcake wrappers and then just export as a PDF file to import into MTC for cutting… if you prefer to cut from MTC.

    On the other hand, if you are simply wanting to weld letters and images that you manually rotate to weld to a basic cupcake pattern, then you could go ahead and design in MTC. In the free cupcake patterns available here, there’s a plain form that Judy created for designing.

  24. John Tilly

    Hi Sandy

    I bought my wife the KNK MAXX. We have both the KNK software and MAKE THE CUT (I find MTC simpler to use). Is there a video tutorial you can recommend with regard to designeing cupcake wrappers? In particular how to draw the arc foe the wrapper etc.


  25. Megan

    My 2011 will be better being aware of that!

  26. Sandy McCauley

    Great idea! I actually made one for a customer buying a KNK about 6 months ago. I’ll dig it up and get it posted next week, hopefully.

  27. Michelle Pluess

    How about a tutorial in how to make a cupcake wrapper?


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