The Great Divide

A while back, at one of the many cutter Yahoo groups I scan and read, a member asked how to divide a circle into 7 equal segments (or maybe it was 5?) in “this other cutting software program.” The response to her question was that there wasn’t an easy to do that and just eye-balling it would be the only way. That immediately made me think about whether there was an easy way to do it in KNK Studio… basicially, how do you create the following image:

Well, being a fan of anything mathematical, I had to see if I could figure it out and within a few minutes I had one method… then after thinking about it for awhile, I came up with an easier method. In today’s video I show how to create a circle segment that would represent 1/7 of a whole circle and also how to create the other six and align them to form the above look. Of course, that might not be necessary if you were cutting them from individual colors like the above figure suggests. On the other hand, just in case you do need them properly rotated and arranged, I show that in the video. I failed to show how to recolor each segment, but I’m guessing you can figure out that part on your own. 🙂

Dividing a Circle into Segments