Alternative to Clipping for DM/WB/CR/SILH Users

On June 25, I posted about a feature in KNK Studio which allows you to fill letters with a pattern for a print and cut. Thanks to some posters at the UK Scrappers board, I determined that you can use Microsoft Word to also fill letters with a fill/texture and then import that image for auto-tracing in Design Master and in RoboMaster or Wishblade 3.0. Here is an example of such as image:

And the link to watch the video showing the creation of this title is at:

Alternative to Clipping

Granted you can do this in a lot of other programs: Photoshop, PSP, Elements, etc, but I was happy to see an alternative that’s already installed on so many more computers. 🙂

A 12" Overlay Cut On an 8" (or 9") Cutter

Thanks to Sharon M for allowing me to post her layout below. She has an 8″ Graphtec cutter but was able to create this overlay by using the Ginsu Knife tool in Klic-N-Kut Studio to cut the overlay vertically in half, and then cut the two pieces separately. She then used the wreath die cut and the gift die cut to hide the seams. This is VERY clever and a great way to achieve a 12″ x 12″ overlay with a cutter limited to 8″ (Craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade, Pazzles Mini) or 9″ (KNK Element).

Creating a PopUp Card

Today is one of THOSE days! It took me ALL day long to make this video thanks to a dozen interruptions and two dozen silly mistakes! lol But it’s now ready. Here’s the actual card to show the final result:

and then I have both this final card final and a practice file for you to use when viewing the video:

Popup Final File

Popup Practice File

The video to watch is here:

And I created a second one that might make it clearer where those fold lines and cut lines are being placed:

A special acknowledgement to several members at UK Scrappers for coming up with a clever way to position the upper fold line in just the right spot. I borrowed that idea and then came up with my own way of putting in the fold lines using the guidelines in KNK Studio. All of my methods will work the same in Design Master. Also, if you are unfamiliar with welding titles to frames, then master that part in Chapter 4 of the KNK or DM User Manual before starting your own popup card using my tutorial.
For an extra challenge… Recreate the wave of welded flowers…. I’ll explain how I did that on Monday. 🙂

Five New Videos!

At last, I have new videos released! Links to the store are in the left column here and I’ve added these five to the Suggest Video Viewing Order so that you can see where they fit in with the rest. The topics include:

  • 36 Tidbits: These are 36 relatively recent discoveries and most of them will prove useful during designing and editing your images.
  • The Power of Polyarc Editing: Learn how to use the 9 tools in the Polyarc Editing Smart Bar.
  • Manipulating Images: A video for those who are new to graphical programs and need help learning to do the very basics. Experienced users may also learn a new trick or two!
  • Using the Clipart Viewer: The clipart viewer allows you to see and import graphical images into the software and the video shows you how to set up new locations and order them in a way that will be useful to you. Note that owners of Klic-N-Kut cutters receive this video on their Designs and Images Collections 1 CD.
  • Using The Font Thing: The Font Thing is a freeware program for organizing, managing, and installing fonts to use with your digitial cutter but most users don’t realize how to use ALL the functionality provided. Based on seeing SO many questions from users for the past 9 years, I decided a video might just be the “thing” to get users fully utilizing this terrific program. There’s a link in the product description to download the software and I recommend making sure it installs correctly on your computer before buying.

Thanks to ALL of my customers for their continued support of my videos! Because you continue to purchase these videos, it allows me to continue making the time to help at the Yahoo groups and create free videos to post here at my blog. You all are the best!