Five New Videos!

At last, I have new videos released! Links to the store are in the left column here and I’ve added these five to the Suggest Video Viewing Order so that you can see where they fit in with the rest. The topics include:

  • 36 Tidbits: These are 36 relatively recent discoveries and most of them will prove useful during designing and editing your images.
  • The Power of Polyarc Editing: Learn how to use the 9 tools in the Polyarc Editing Smart Bar.
  • Manipulating Images: A video for those who are new to graphical programs and need help learning to do the very basics. Experienced users may also learn a new trick or two!
  • Using the Clipart Viewer: The clipart viewer allows you to see and import graphical images into the software and the video shows you how to set up new locations and order them in a way that will be useful to you. Note that owners of Klic-N-Kut cutters receive this video on their Designs and Images Collections 1 CD.
  • Using The Font Thing: The Font Thing is a freeware program for organizing, managing, and installing fonts to use with your digitial cutter but most users don’t realize how to use ALL the functionality provided. Based on seeing SO many questions from users for the past 9 years, I decided a video might just be the “thing” to get users fully utilizing this terrific program. There’s a link in the product description to download the software and I recommend making sure it installs correctly on your computer before buying.

Thanks to ALL of my customers for their continued support of my videos! Because you continue to purchase these videos, it allows me to continue making the time to help at the Yahoo groups and create free videos to post here at my blog. You all are the best!