Today is one of THOSE days! It took me ALL day long to make this video thanks to a dozen interruptions and two dozen silly mistakes! lol But it’s now ready. Here’s the actual card to show the final result:

and then I have both this final card final and a practice file for you to use when viewing the video:

Popup Final File

Popup Practice File

The video to watch is here:

And I created a second one that might make it clearer where those fold lines and cut lines are being placed:

A special acknowledgement to several members at UK Scrappers for coming up with a clever way to position the upper fold line in just the right spot. I borrowed that idea and then came up with my own way of putting in the fold lines using the guidelines in KNK Studio. All of my methods will work the same in Design Master. Also, if you are unfamiliar with welding titles to frames, then master that part in Chapter 4 of the KNK or DM User Manual before starting your own popup card using my tutorial.
For an extra challenge… Recreate the wave of welded flowers…. I’ll explain how I did that on Monday. 🙂