After discovering that using a marquis-select during Transform>Contour Object would produce another outline, I then started experiment with marquis-select while inside other Transform menu functions. Here’s what I found:

  • Under Transform>Round Corner, after you’ve set a corner radius, you can reset back to 0, by marquis-selecting your object. This is useful since there is no Reset button on the Smart Bar in that window.
  • Under Transform>Transformation, you can distort your image, then marquis-select and it will return you to the main Sign Blank… but wait! If you then do an Undo (Edit>Undo or Ctrl-Z), you will not only get your original back but you will still have your transformed image. Now this would be very useful if you want to create a variety of different transformations from the same original image. Let’s say you wanted to create a starfish and have a number of them with slightly different looks… very quick using this method!

In light of reports that this is not as easy at it looks, I created a quickie video showing exactly what I’m doing. Watch this: Transformation Quirk