The Dreaded Skewing

Ten things that can cause skewing on a Klic-N-Kut.

(1) Pinch wheels are too loose.

(2) One pinch wheel is a lot tighter than the other.

(3) Pinch wheels are too close together.

(4) One or both pinch wheels are over the smooth part of the grit shaft.

(5) Cut speed is too fast for the material being cut

(6) Blade is too long (thus digging into mat).

(7) Mat is too thin for the cutter.

(8) Something is interfering with the movement of the mat during cutting.

(9) Bad or damaged pinch wheel.

(10) Grit shaft was damaged during shipping (FedEx and UPS treat the boxes horribly).

Overcut and Trailing Blade

Here’s a chart to remind you of the settings for Overcut and Trailing Blade on a Klic-N-Kut. Remember that if you need to find it again, simply go to my list of Labels on the right side and click on either Overcut or Trailing Blade from the alphabetized list and this blog will appear in the search.