Handy Circle Tip

Before I get into today’s tip, I wanted to let you all know that I will be gone to Texas to teach cutting classes for the rest of the week, so I may not get a chance to post! Hopefully, I will find a few minutes to post something new, but if not, then know that new tips and tidbits will appear again next week! 🙂

Okay, todays’ lesson: When auto-tracing images, you will often find that circles end up…. well… wonky! lol Here is a fish image that I traced from a free pdf file I found at the Coloring Page link at the bottom of my blog:

You can clearly see that the bubbles and the eye of the fish are NOT very desirable circles.

Well, in KNK Studio, there is a QUICK way to convert any path to a circle. First, select the image and go to Arrange>Break Path so that the individual paths can be selected.

Double click on one of the circles to bring up the nodes:
Now… are you ready… this is SO easy you may miss it… Click on the letter “O” on your keyboard. Bingo! The wonky circle vanishes and it’s replaces with a perfect circle!

Now just repeat for each of the remaining circles and your final result will be:

Note that this works in both polyarc and polygon modes. Have fun making your life more round!