Another Source for Tutorials…

Check out the following link:

If you’re not already a member of UK Scrappers, then you’ll need to sign up before accessing this page. But it’s worthwhile joining because it’s an active message board and a source of tutorials and files. The link above takes you directly to the Design Master tutorials created by members there and, for those of you unfamiliar with Design Master, it’s like a lite version of KNK Studio. It’s missing two of the three weld tools, the ginsu knife tools, the measure tools (including the “oh so handy Notes tool) and a number of other menu commands. But otherwise the programs work the same way and anything you find in the Design Master tutorials will apply in KNK Studio.

I posted the link above, in particular, because a UK Scrappers’ member named Lesley figured out a way to basically “die cut” any image from a lattice pattern. Her method is very clever and definitely open ups some interesting designing possibities with lattices. The thread is called “Any Lattice Shape.” (Thanks, Lesley, for creating a terrific tutorial!)