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(1) User Manual:

KNK Zing and Zing Air User Manual

Chapters 1, 2, 9 and 10 are specific to the KNK Zing and Zing Air. Chapters 3 – 8 are Make The Cut only and will be useful to all owners of Make The Cut software.

(2) Videos:

Zing Videos

Make The Cut Videos

(3) Getting Help:

If you have a problem with your new KNK Zing or Zing Air:

  • Please refer to Appendix B in the user manual first. It answers the most commonly asked questions.
  • If you still need help, we urge you to contact your dealer.
  • If you cannot reach your dealer, you may post here or at one of the support forums listed below or contact KNK USA directly.

(4) User Forums and Groups:

The following forum and Yahoo group are available for posting questions about your new Zing and sharing experiences:
KNK Zing Yahoo Group

(5) Latest Recommended Settings:

IMPORTANT: These settings should be used for the initial tests. Adjustments may be necessary based on the condition of the blade, variations in the material, humidity, condition of the cutting mat, blade tip height, etc.

Suggested Cut Settings for KNK Zing and Zing Air – February 28, 2014
Suggested Settings for KNK Zing and Zing Air Accessories – February 28, 2014

(6) MTC Support:

  • To download the latest version of MTC, register your activation pin, or retrieve your registration number, click on this link.
  • To view free videos for learning MTC, click on this link.
  • Support groups and forums for Make The Cut:

Make The Cut Yahoo Group
Make The Cut Forum

118 thoughts on “KNK Zing and Zing Air Support Page

  1. Use test pen and scrap paper until you know, with 100% certainty where shapes are going to cut. That will help you avoid wasting material. Then, to learn how the various settings affect the location of shapes, go through the examples I show in Section 2.07. Remember you use the laser for WYSIWYG mode (to set the origin) but you use the tip of the pen (or tip of the blade) to set the origin in Knife point mode.

  2. When use knife point or WYSIWYG and I set my starting point it starts cutting others places on the vinyl or mat causing me to waste my materials

  3. Is this a print and cut application or just using the laser to set the origin? What speed are you using? You might want to email me to get a faster response. My email is

  4. HI, I just got the zing about a month ago… I absolutely love it. I recieved my BA in Architecture, so Autocad is like working in Word for me… I do everything there. I make invitations and a lot of other different things. I recently have been having a problem where I need to cut about 60 of a specific shape (i can fit 4 on the 12×12 mat to cut) I set everything up (double check the size is correct) press cut, set up laser, set up cutting space…. it cuts perfect to size ( not always on the first try) … then remove paper put new paper on mat, again cut set laser and printing space and off it goes… well the size can vary a whole lot, its either larger or smaller… please can anyone help me…. I am wasting a lot of time, money and paper :-(

    ( I draw file in autocad, save to pdf, open in photoshop and save as a jpg) Then I open in mtc


  5. Hi Pam,

    Vinyl is so thin that you don’t need the 25 Post It notes, so just have the blade holder resting on the rim of the blade holder seat. Also, increase the force to 20 and try again. If this is a Zing Air, then set the Speeds to 13/13. Also, only cut something small until you get a clean cut and remember that the blade shouldn’t be cutting into the backing sheet of the vinyl, at all.

  6. I have the same problem that when I try to post to KNK I get a message “Body is Required”. I am typing in the body of the message (not the subject line) so I am not sure why I get that.
    Anyway, I’m trying to cut vinyl with the following settings, and am getting no cuts – not even scoring the vinyl. Any suggestions? This is a new Zing so I am a bit frustrated.

    blade – red
    force – 10
    speed – 10/10
    blade offset – .35
    passes – 1
    blade ht – 25 post-its

    Thank you in advance! Pam

  7. Regarding PNC, how far do you get in Chapter 9 before you run into a problem?

    Regarding the fonts, if they are zipped, you’ll need to extract them. If they are in TTF or OTF format then they are ready to load. Just make sure you can find them. I put everything into the My Documents folder because I seem able to easily find that on my Mac Mini. Then just use the instructions in Section 5.02 OR watch the video I made! Works the same way on the Mac version as with the Windows version.

    Regarding other imports… again just put everything into the Documents folder… or into subfolders you’ve created inside Documents so that they are easy to find.

    I recommend calling KNK USA about your levers. Here’s their number: 800-268-3672.

  8. Hello,
    I have had my zing for about a year & half. Still dont fulling understand how to work it. Even as useful as your manual has become to me. I dont understand the print & cut, how to get fonts from the web to my MTC, how to find my imports on MTC> HELP!!! I Love, Love what I have tried to do & want to learn more. Iam a visually learner, but with My Mac I need someone to show me step by step, holding my hand walking slowing. I just cant get it. I’am very smart I promise!!!
    Also, The Blue levers on both side ingauge to far & sound like they are about to break off.
    Thanks so much for your time & Have a great day!

  9. Body is just the main part of the post… perhaps you were putting the question in the subject line?

    280 micron card is 0.011 mil which would use the red capped blade. For force, it all depends on the composition of the cardstock. Density is as important as thickness, but for a starting point, use a force of 80, a very conservative blade tip exposure, a blade tip HEIGHT of 25 Post It Notes and do a SMALL test cut. See if it cuts clean. If not, then increase the blade exposure 1/4 turn clockwise and increase the force by 10 and repeat. Once you get a clean cut, check to see if the blade cut into the mat. If it did back off on the blade exposure, but keep the same force. You shouldn’t need a force of more than 120 on any cardstock. If you keep having problems, please email me directly at

  10. First of all I’m relatively new to Forums, I’ve just tried to start a new discussion and after I entered my query I was unable to post it as it stated that a ‘Body is required’? What does this mean please!
    My initial question was for my KNK Zing:
    Can anyone please tell me which blade should I use to cut a 280 microns white card, and also what would you recommend for the ‘cut speed’, ‘force’ and ‘offset’ etc., please?


  11. I recommend you order directly from KNK USA. They will ship to any country in the world, however they will only accept a bank wire transfer for payment. This has been their policy for several years. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  12. Hi there,
    I’m looking where can I buy knk zing on a secure shopping website, can you help me?
    I’m from Mexico

  13. Hi Linda,

    You’re referring to the tiny little white rubber rings on the metal bar? You can go ahead and use the Zing while we are waiting for the next shipment. I will be emailing you to get more information about your address and where you purchased your Zing, so please watch for that email. : )

  14. I am just installing a KNK Zing that I have had for a few months. In following along with the manual – I have made it to the insert phase and realized that while the manual shows 2 material guides – 1 on each side – I have only one that is on the left side.

    I am wondering if I the machine will function temporarily, with the one guide or if I will just be making myself crazy trying to get it to work.

    I of course noticed this after Accugraphics closed for the day so I do not know what is required to sort this out.

    Any advise?

  15. First, I suggest reinstalling the driver. I assume you’re on a PC and not a Mac.

    Unplug the Zing from the computer. Then download and install the driver from here:

    Then reboot Windows. Allow Windows to completely come up. Then plug in the Zing again and watch for any popup windows that might indicate which COM POrt was assigned. If you see nothing, check under Windows Device Manager > Ports. It should say USB-Serial. Let me know if it works. If not, we’ll try something else.

  16. Hi Sandy. I just set up my Zing yesterday and am having the same problem it seems others have had. When I go to cut, it says not “connected COM4.” Then 5 seconds later is goes read and says “Not Connected”. I have tried to reconnect. I have refreshed. I have gone to control panel and looked at the ports. Note: I do not have a port for USB. Please provide some help so I can get up and running. Thanks.

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