KNK Zing and Zing Air Support Page

(1) User Manuals:

KNK Zing and Zing Air User Manuals

There are two different user manuals: one is based on Sure Cuts a Lot software and the other is based on Make The Cut software.

(2) Videos:

Zing Videos

Make The Cut Videos

(3) Getting Help:

If you have a problem with your new KNK Zing or Zing Air:

  • Please refer to Appendix B in the user manual first. It answers the most commonly asked questions.
  • If you still need help, we urge you to contact your dealer.
  • If you cannot reach your dealer, you may post here or at one of the support forums listed below or contact KNK USA directly.

(4) User Forums and Groups:

The following forum and Yahoo group are available for posting questions about your new Zing and sharing experiences:
KNK Zing Yahoo Group

(5) Latest Recommended Settings:

IMPORTANT: These settings should be used for the initial tests. Adjustments may be necessary based on the condition of the blade, variations in the material, humidity, condition of the cutting mat, blade tip height, etc.

Suggested Cut Settings for KNK Zing and Zing Air – February 28, 2014
Suggested Settings for KNK Zing and Zing Air Accessories – February 28, 2014

(6) MTC Support:

  • To download the latest version of MTC, register your activation pin, or retrieve your registration number, click on this link.
  • To view free videos for learning MTC, click on this link.
  • Support groups and forums for Make The Cut:

Make The Cut Yahoo Group
Make The Cut Forum

164 thoughts on “KNK Zing and Zing Air Support Page

  1. Sandy, how do I set my custom mat length so I can cut from a roll (12″x6ft)? When I do a custom mat setting no matter which width or length I enter the longest setting (6ft) is always the width it seems – and the arrow that represents portait and landscape is always on the longest side(6ft), shouldnt it be on the shorter side(12″)?

  2. You need to use the registration number, not the pin, in order to convert MTC from trial mode to full function mode. If you didn’t keep the number generated when you registered the pin, then you can have it emailed to you again, at the same email address you used when you first registered:

  3. I have an air Zing. Recently I had to update my computer[Mac] and since then the Zing won’t work and the pin no. doesn’t seem to register. I have tried going back to the supplier in England but no joy there. I have also been ill and haven’t used the Zing for a year. Please can you help me.

  4. Will you email a few photos to me so that I can see the results you’re getting? Also please provide the name of the cardstock you’re using and its weight. My email is Thanks!

  5. Indeed those things have also been checked off the list. We’ve been having a look through and working at checking off the things that other people have had advised previously so tried all these things, blade and holder are clean as a whistle, mat is suitably sticky and the blade Is adequately exposed/hidden for the material.

  6. It might be with making sure the blade is rotating freely and there is nothing caught inside the blade holder. That’s always been my first check if the paper starts tearing. It s possible for paper fibres to get caught around the blade if cutting fibrous card.

  7. Can you see cut lines in the mat? If so, you need to retract the blade. That’s one of the most common mistakes made… thinking that more blade exposure will yield better cutting results and it doesn’t. The other most common mistake is not having the material stabilized. You need to make sure the mat is sticky enough to hold the material and that the material is pressed evenly down.

  8. I’ve actually just had a reply now so I’ve sent another message back after checking out the blade itself as Ron thought it might have dug in too far and broken. We’ve followed the manual totally step by step and have done everything it suggests, even using pens to get used to the operation before even installing or utilising the blade.

  9. Hi I’ve complained to accugraphic about a zing air we bought, which I also note has now come down in price by over £50 in less than 3 weeks. It’s tearing the cardstock and paper and we have tried everything including baking the card, the settings and pressure are all correct and as far as we can see using a magnifying glass the blade is alright. I’ve sent accugraphic a contact us for support request through their website but they’ve not replied in a week so I thought I’d post here and see what you say and how long it usually takes them to get back to folk.



  10. Hi,
    I have a problem with my Zing A. I am unable to obtain my pin. Any advice please? Thanks

  11. Make sure you’re using the appropriate Blade Offset for the blade type. Here are the current recommended settings: red blade – 0.25 blue blade – 0.35 yellow blade – 0.75

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