Right Click in KNK Studio and Design Master

Carolyn in Australia posted the other day and also emailed me privately to find out if I was aware of what happens when you RIGHT click on one of the 9 boxes of a selected image in KNK Studio or Design Master. She had discovered that a pop-up menu appears with lots of useful options. She didn’t remember reading about this in the User Manual and wondered if everyone else was aware of it.

The answer is yes… I was aware of it and no… it’s not in the User Manual! I remember being very disappointed that the options to Copy and Paste images were not part of that pop-up menu, as you often find in other programs and when I first discovered this in the early weeks of using KNK Studio, I basically just dismissed this Right click function for that reason.

Now that I’m looking at it again,

I think I should have made a bigger deal of this menu. Note that some of the useful functions that are otherwise buried in the menus, can be readily available to use with this Right click option. Specifically, it’s nice seeing the options for Array, Edit (takes you into node editing mode), Start Sequence by Vector (controlling the order in which objects will cut), Blank Size, Mirror, and Rotate.

So, try using this over the course of the next few weeks and you may find it to be a rather handy addition to your regular use of the software!

Thanks, Carolyn, for posting about this! 🙂