Modifying AI Files in KNK Studio

Today’s post involves handling .ai files in KNK Studio. Melanie had downloaded a .knk file (from a message board) and the images appeared invisible when she opened it. The reason is that the file originated in Adobe Illustrator and this is not an uncommon occurance. To correct you can simply turn off Show Fill or turn on Show Line Style, as I show in the video. Also I show how to get interior details of an image to turn white and not vanish when you turn on Show Fill.

Hope you learn something new! Modifying AI Files

Controlling Cut Order

This post is thanks to Jenny who was trying to cut a series of adjacent rectangles and they were not cutting in order from left to right. Because she’s cutting rather large rectangles from 15″ wide vinyl, this was bothering her. I know that I also never like it when objects will seem to randomly cut from different locations on my 12″ x 12″ cardstock.

Not to worry! There’s a way you can specify the exact order in which items will cut. Watch this!

Controlling Cut Order