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  1. I have fintime software and cannot get my silhoutte to cut, it cuts but in pen mode, or on setting 1 on the blade, how do you get it to blade 6 cut.

  2. The manuals above with MTC in the name, are all the same. They only differ in the file format. The Interactive is meant to be viewed online. It has a lot of handy features, such as searchable by any word and flip pages. The exe is a downloadable version of that format. The PDF is downloadable as well. Just pick any of the three or all three! Your choice! Chapters 3 through 8 are ONLY MTC and are a reference guide for anyone using the software!

  3. Download the Zing with MTC UM… the pdf version. Chapters 3 – 8 are exclusively MTC and not geared for any particular cutter.

  4. Is there just a “general purpose” manual for MTC I can download instead of being geared for a particular machine? I’m looking to upgrade to a new machine though not sure which one I want to get yet. I love my MTC, but there are things I run into from time to time that I’d like to be able to refer a manual, but be able to do it offline. Thanks in advance.

  5. In Offline mode, you press the Menu button one time. And then press the Origin button.

    The laser is used in print and cut applications where you first print an image on your printer and then insert it into the KNK to cut out. This is covered in Chapter 4.7 of the KNK user manual in detail.

  6. Thank Sandy,
    I downloaded from the link & unzipped but the same thing is happening again I have the .pdf version so will just use that. Thanx again

  7. Hi Sandy

    I downloaded both manuals to have the flip format but the maxx loaded straight away but the manual for the Zing ( I have MTC so was interested in the chapters on it )just sits there with a little circle thing going round & round & nothing happens I waited a fair amount of time but still nothing happened is it just me?????
    regards Val

  8. Sandy, I just got my 24″ knk max, I cant seem to locate the user manual. Please help. Thanks, Tiffini

  9. No problem… the one you want is the last link here which covers the majority of KNK Studio Version 8 (the Maxx version).


    Then for auto-tracing, since you have the Maxx version, you can refer to Section 6.1 in the Maxx-Groove-E User Manual.

    Or I sell a $9.99 downloadable video package that covers the autotracing for all versions of KNK Studio in the Shop part of this web site. These videos will teach you, step-by-step how to use the highly-functional new Super Size feature in KNK Studio Maxx.

  10. I have an older model, the yellow machine. I’m not sure where to find the model number but I did find 3 different numbers on it if you can tell which one is the model number. 111311H or R5232C or 061030188. My problem really started when I got a new computer and had to purchase the Studio Maxx program. So if I could get a manual for that program that would be great.
    Thanks for your quick response!
    Judy Johnson

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