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Digital Die Cutting: More fun than anyone should have with a piece of paper... or vinyl, cardstock, plastic, fabric, HTV, foil, wood veneer, magnetic sheets, reflective film, balsa, and more!

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This web site provides support, comparisons, videos, drivers, test settings, and other information related to the StarCraft SOLO, Skycut and Klic-N-Kut digital die cutters, as well as various cutter software programs.

If you are just now learning about cutters, check out the Skycut demo videos. These are amazing cutters!

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  1. Jon

    So I don’t need the files if i just switch to the Sure Cuts A Lot software?

  2. Sandy McCauley

    Yes. You can download the software, KNK Studio, from this link:


    However, you’re still going to need the license files for the software to work. These can be regenerated for you by the programming company, CADLink. But this needs to be submitted through KNK USA and they will need the number ending in “H” on that dongle in order for the license files to work. You can start a support ticket with them using this link: http://knkusa.com/support-ticket-request/.

    Note that you can also use another inexpensive software program called Sure Cuts A Lot. In fact, you would need this program if you happen to own a Mac because KNK Studio is PC only.

  3. Jon

    I just bought a used Klick-N-Kut from ebay and it came with the Dongle but did not come with the CD with the two product files. Is there a way to install the software without it?

  4. Keegan

    Good day I have a issue with our knk Maxx and the South African distributors are unable to help do you know what I could do. It seems that the control board is the issue please may you help
    Thanks in advance and have a good day

  5. Sandy McCauley

    That would be a question for the general Force user groups. I believe that topic came upon the Force Facebook group. So, join the group and either use the search function or you can post again and ask.

  6. Mario

    Anyone knows any substitute blade for KNK force?

  7. Paula


  8. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Aimee,

    You should check out both Funtime and Win PC Sign. They are made by the same company, Sign Max, and have excellent rhinestone designing capabilities. Also, Win PC Sign, for sure, cuts to a wide range of cutters. I’m not sure about Funtime, but you could contact Sign Max to find out.

  9. Aimee

    I just started working with a couple of ladies doing designs with the program they gave me called Youngnam GemMaster. It’s HORRENDOUS and CUMBERSOME. Can you tell me if KNK has something that would be compatible with their machines? It looks like it produces graphics both faster and better than GemMaster

  10. Sandy McCauley

    If you can locate any UK site selling “Roland type” blades, then those should work in your Element blade holder. KNK USA will sell and ship to you, but I’m sure the shipping plus VAT will make them much more expensive that what you can find already available.

  11. Graham

    Hi Sandy, I bought my wife a KNK Element (White model) a few years ago. We live in the UK and I can’t find anywhere that sells replacement blades. However, I can find blades for the Zing and the MAXX. Do you know if the blades for either of these are compatible with the Element? Thanks. Graham

  12. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Amanda, I’m not seeing a post from Kim… can you verify the exact page? Are you cutting with an Eagle? If so, then try a force of 25. If you happen to have upgraded to the Maxx Air, then use 10 or less. Because foam is so thick, you’ll need to use the blue capped blade. Some users will cut in one pass and then just push out the foam. If you cut in 2 passes you should have mostly a clean cut, although you might still need to push out some parts.

  13. Amanda Caldwell

    Can you mail me Kim van Lingen (see above message ) from South Africa’s email address. I am from South Africa and can help her with a second hand KNK Eagle 24″.
    I also want to ask you what blade and settings (force) I need to use when cutting Craft Foam. I try to cut a puzzle and made 3 big boo boo’s. Perhaps I should adjust the blade angle also?

  14. Sandy McCauley

    Hi George,

    There is no difference between doing this from KNK Studio and most other Windows applications. Go to File>Save As and then browse to locate your flash drive. Name the file and save it. Alternatively, if the file is already saved on your C drive, you can use Windows Explorer to copy and paste it to your flash drive. If you need more help, please send an email to: smccauley45@cox.net.

  15. george carastavrakis

    Good Morning

    Please explain how to copy file from klic n kut program on computor to flash disk
    Is there a video illustrating it


  16. Sandy McCauley

    You can use Make The Cut for designing and cutting rhinestone patterns. Artistic Crystals has more fill patterns and the editing is easier, but there are lots of Zing owners using Make The Cut instead. You can use either program for cutting vinyl, although Make The Cut is probably better suited for that. Be sure to check out the Zing support page here as the documentation provided from Janome for the Zing is somewhat limited. You’ll learn a lot more about your Zing from reading the Zing User Manual and watching all of the Zing videos. Here’s the link: https://www.iloveknk.com/support/zing/

  17. Betty

    I purchased a Zing cutter and was told that I had to have the Artistic Crystal Software to cut for crystals. I was also told Artistic Crystal could be used to cut vinyl. The cutter did not come with any software and after checking different web sites I see there is another software Make the Cut. Do I need this software to cut vinyl? I haven’t used the cutter, have just gotten it installed. What should I do?

  18. Liezel

    Hi Sandy, hope you are doing very well. Do you have any info on installation and other detail for the new Max Air? I can only find the older manual. I would appreciate anything. Thank you!

  19. Sandy McCauley

    Currently the Maxx Air 24″ does only come with MTC, however contact me again in the new year. We DO plan to have KNK Studio working with the Maxx Air and it will be a new version!

  20. Regi


    Does the new KNK Maxx Air 24″ only come with MTC software? Or,is KNK Studio available for it too? For my purposes, KNK Studio would suit my needs better.

    Thank you!

  21. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Paula,

    You can drag the toolbars to other locations on the screen. Give it a try!

  22. Paula Jochumson

    Hi, I am used to working with a draw program with multiple toolbars arranged around the window for easy access to the tools I need. I am currently using Make the Cut software with my Zing and am happy with the functionality it has, but I would love to be able to arrange multiple toolbars around the window on my screen for easier access to tools. Is there any way to do this within MTC? If not, would I be able to do this with KNK Studio and would I be able to cut from KNK Studio on my Zing? Thank you so much for the wealth of info on your site- I really appreciate your MTC/Zing online users manuel and use it all the time. Thank you for your time!

  23. Amber Jackson

    My old laptop crashed and I got a new one. I have my klic-n-kut studio ge dongle, but I can’t find my cd. Is there any way I can get the software loaded on my new laptop without buying it again?

  24. Sandy McCauley

    Sorry for the delay in responding. You can use the Cricut bladeholder in the Zing, but you cannot put Cricut blades into the Zing blade holder. It can only use Zing blades.

  25. Ceci

    Can I use the cricut blades in the KNK Zing?

  26. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Susan!

    I recommend Version 8 and you can download it from this link:


    Please be sure to read the instruction file before you begin… just the part about downloading and installing. You’ll need to get YOUR two Products files from your original CD. Don’t try to install that version… just use Explorer to find BOTH files and copy/paste them into your new c:\Klic-N-Kut Studio after installation, replacing the ones that are there. Then your dongle will work! : )

    Then you’ll also want to install the latest driver for your KNK. Download the 3th file here (1st and 2nd Generation)


    Then use the video here to find the Com Port:


    Finally, I urge you to go through the Default Settings video here, as well:


  27. Susanne Wood

    Hi Sandy, I purchased a KNK XL years ago but my computer crashed the other day. My new laptop is a 64bit system. is their new software to run on 64bit?

  28. Sandy McCauley

    At this time, I don’t believe there are any Mac based programs that will work with the KNK Element. You will need to use a Windows emulator (e.g. Parallels, BootCamp) and a copy of Windows so that you can install KNK Studio, Make The Cut, or Funtime for cutting to your Element.

  29. Patty

    Where can I get software for my iMac to run the used Klic-N-Kut Element I purchased? Thanks.

  30. Sandy McCauley

    Yes, it does! It also comes with a $300 bonus package of extra blades, accessories, craft supplies, and cutting materials. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

  31. Michelle

    Does the knk eagel come standard with the table?

  32. Sandy McCauley

    I have notified Chad about this again. I wish I had some control over this, but I do not.

  33. Aleftina Bendikov

    Hi Sandy, I purchased a used knk maxx the other week but no luck trying to upload software onto the computer, after i keyed in activation pin and personal details,a message appeared: there was a problem while reactivating your product. Pls call tech support. I have conversed with Chad and he said he sent details to CADlink and that I should receive new pin within 24hrs. It has been a week now and no email from cadlink. I have emailed chad twice more in the last couple days but no response. Can you help please. Thank you

  34. Shayne Stuart

    Hi Sandy, It’s been a while. But all is well. I do have a few questions….I would like to know how I would bo about getting Vector images? do I need to purchase the software? and I was watching one of your toutorials where you were able to easliy select the colours sircles by color which made the two colour rhinestone designs very easr. I do not have that function…Do I have to create a shortcut key? Thanks for your assistance, as always.


  35. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Sandra! Let me look over this tomorrow. KNK Studio is based on a much more expensive program called Sign Lab. Some of the features in KNK Studio do not work because they are actually part of this bigger version. However, there could be some features that are accessible to you and will help you with your business. I’ll send you a private email with more details.

  36. Sandra Dornick

    Groove E Machine – KNK Studio Maxx and an option on the color pallet – Find Color – Look in vinyl Library and a Foil library … when I click on either option it is empty. Is that part of the software? I’m moving into vinyls and foils and would love to have access to something like that. Thanks – Sandra

  37. Sandy McCauley

    You can insert pens and markers directly into the grip on the Zing and draw with them.

  38. Mijeen

    Hi Sandy

    I have read that you can print using the KNK Zing. Is that true? I was underthe impression that you can only cut with the machine.


  39. Sandy McCauley

    I do! You then download the full set. If you are interested, please send an email to smccauley45@cox.net with your Paypal address and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

  40. Mark Magrum

    Do you still sell all your videos for $99.00?

  41. dina

    Hi,I just installed KNK software(I’ve owned KNK Maxx for about 4 years) into my new computer, but didn’t come with drivers. I tried installing the drivers from knkusa.com, but still not working. What am I doing wrong??? Thank you for any help you can give me, Dina

  42. Sandy McCauley

    Hi Frankie,

    You can pass it on to the new owner. Also, send me the dongle number… the number ending in H and I’ll get license files generated for the new owner. My email is smccauley45@cox.net.

  43. Frankie Hebert

    I sold my KNK 9″ and can’t find the install CD for it. I do have the dongle and the number is on it…what does the person i sold to have to do to get it up and running on her computer. I’ve never used it and it came with 1 hour of training with you. Has that expired or can I pass it on to the new owner? Thanks.

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