Understanding the Blades and Accessories

Here’s a list of the various cap colors and which blade holders they apply to on a Klic-N-Kut:

The silver blade holder AND the Maxx blade holder uses these blades:

red capped 45 degree: vinyl, paper, cardstock

blue capped 60 degree OR blue capped Sliver 2 (replacement for previous 60 degree): heavy-textured cardstock, thin craft foam, thin clear rubber, thin chipboard

black capped Sliver blade: regular chipboard (up to ~1/16″), foam board, stiffened felt, Grungeboard

fabric blade: cut thin fabrics such as the cotton used for quilting

This blade holder is also used for:

green capped engraving/embossing tool

orange capped punch tool


The original black blade holder for the KNK uses:

yellow capped 45 degree

white capped 60 degree

These two blades are identical to the red and blue, however they will NOT fit into the silver blade holder due to a difference in the “barrel” diameter of the blade.