KNK’s Back In Stock! And check out the engraving one can do!


For those of you who’ve been waiting for the KNK Zings and 24″ Maxx Airs to be back in stock, they finally are! This also applies to the UK web site. For those living in Canada, we expect them to be available some time next week. If you’re interested, in purchasing, I’m an affiliate seller with KNK USA and this is the link to use:

Now for the engraving project:


Last Friday, I made a video for a KNK Zing owner who needed to engrave a sheet of dog tags on her Zing. And then repeat and repeat. So, I knew she needed some kind of template set up so that she could position the dog tags on the template and then be able to engrave all them at one time with perfect alignment. I didn’t have any metal dog tags, so I used some stars cut out of craft plastic. It turned out really well and so did her dog tags, apparently. So here’s the video if you’re interested in how this works:

Engraving on the KNK Zing

And here’s a closeup of the engraving done with the KNK engraver:


To check out the engraver, use the this link and then click on Accessories at the top. The engraver can be found under under any of the top three Accessories links.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Understanding the Blades and Accessories

Here’s a list of the various cap colors and which blade holders they apply to on a Klic-N-Kut:

The silver blade holder AND the Maxx blade holder uses these blades:

red capped 45 degree: vinyl, paper, cardstock

blue capped 60 degree OR blue capped Sliver 2 (replacement for previous 60 degree): heavy-textured cardstock, thin craft foam, thin clear rubber, thin chipboard

black capped Sliver blade: regular chipboard (up to ~1/16″), foam board, stiffened felt, Grungeboard

fabric blade: cut thin fabrics such as the cotton used for quilting

This blade holder is also used for:

green capped engraving/embossing tool

orange capped punch tool


The original black blade holder for the KNK uses:

yellow capped 45 degree

white capped 60 degree

These two blades are identical to the red and blue, however they will NOT fit into the silver blade holder due to a difference in the “barrel” diameter of the blade.