Say thank you to Rayleen for today’s post! She sent me a similar file to the one above (on the left) and needed to crop a certain section so as to fit an existing size project.   I recreated my own version of the file and I think this could easily be something that you might encounter when trying to modify existing files.  The situation is this… you have a rectangular image that you would like to use but it must be converted to a square image to work in your application.  You can’t just resize it because it will distort the image and change the width of the outer portions of the frame:

So, you would like to crop it in a similar way that you do with photos. Basically, you would like to just cut out a portion of the image to use. This is amazing simple to do by just using any shape tool, arranging the shape over the part of the image you wish to crop, and then applying the XOR weld.

In this situation, you want to go one step further, which is to create a perfect square crop and maximize as much of the existing image as possible. So, watch the video and you’ll see how it’s done:

Cropping Vector Images

and here’s a link to the file I used in case you want to try it out:

Valentine Mesh

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!