New Video Release: Auto-Tracing for KNK ACS DM!


I’m so happy (and relieved) to finally announce the NEW Auto-Tracing video which covers all three versions of auto-tracing in KNK, KNK GE, ACS Design Studio, and Design Master. The version you have is based on the license files at the time of your software purchase. If you’re not sure what you have, not a problem… there’s even a quick separate video in this package to show you how to find out!

In total, there are 15 videos contained in this package for a total of 96 minutes of step-by-step instructions. Unlike my prior videos, I decided to NOT merge these 15 videos into one, so that users could more easily go back to any particular segment to re-watch. While I have the videos separated into folders based on which version of the vectorization they need to watch, I encourage watching all of them because I also show some additional tips on things like editing images both before and after tracing, quick tricks to improve trace lines, and preparing images for paper piecing projects.

Because this video package is almost 70 mb in size, I’m also offering it with the option to be sent on a CD. Here are the links for both product listings:

Auto-Tracing for KNK, ACS, DM: Downloadable

Auto-Tracing for KNK, ACS, DM: CD Version