The Great Divide Part 2

What I thought was a somewhat trivial blog post yesterday became far more interesting after receiving some member input from the Yahoo groups. Two things came to light:

  1. The circle divide can be used to create citrus slices
  2. I could have made the task a lot easier by using the Layout>Array function! (Duh me!)

So, here’s Part 2… no video, but if you watched yesterday’s video, just stop after you create the first wedge and rotate it manually until it’s in a vertical position like this:

Next, go to Layout>Array and select On Arc With Rotation from the drop down menu on the Smart Bar. Set your Start and End at 0 and 360. Don’t worry about the next setting (Arc Radius) quite yet. Just start clicking on Total and then you can go back and increase or decrease Arc Radius so that the wedges are spaced exactly the way you want. When you’re happy with the look, click on Close and then delete the original wedge in the middle:

Now, let’s make it look more like an orange slice. Select the wedges and color them orange. Then go to Transform>Round Corner and play with the setting until you achieve the amount of roundness on the corners that will make it look more like a real orange:

Lastly, just add a yellow circle to the back and another orange circle to the back. If you’re not familiar with the ordering hot keys: Ctrl-L moves an image back one position and Ctrl-B moves it to the very back; Ctrl-U moves an image forward one position and Ctrl-F moves it to the very front. And here’s the final product: